Monday, January 30, 2012


So the New Year has found us. I've already made a few resolutions, such as:

- Get 3 new piercings
- Go to a new Festival
- Take more photos

And here are some things I'm loving right now:

1. Writing letters to exotic lands: my good friend has recently moved to India for six months to teach in a school. It's not like she's completely cut off from the world, but the two of us wrote letters to each other when she was at Uni, so now we're reviving the art again :)

2. My new Doc Martens: easily my favourite shoes in the world. These ones are especially cute but breaking them in can be particularly challenging.

3. Ramen: I keep making trips to the asian supermarket to sample the million different kinds of ramen. I especially like the ones that come in a broth. Delicious :)

4. My gorgeous bunny: Winter can be tough on little bunnies. Fye is good at keeping active during the winter, but he knows when it's cold he won't get as much attention. Hopefully the weather will improve soon and coax the family back outside.

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