Sunday, October 02, 2011

My Darling, Go To Sleep For Me. I Will Breathe You In.

Oh we had such fun last night. And to think we might never have gone!

The late summer weather meant the city was chock-a-block with people. We made it to The Garrett (a lovely bar next to my favourite club ever; Fifth Avenue) in time to catch the bulk of Oxygen Thief's supporting set, quickly followed by Ben Marwood.

I'd kind of expected to find a lot of Frank fans there. Whilst there were a lots of people, these were diehard Marwood fans, singing along to every word, regardless of whether they'd heard of him before April or not.

I miss student bars. Cheap alcohol, good atmosphere and nice people. I was feeling warm and happy, which might explain how I found myself getting steadily drunk.

It's a strange thing to talk to Ben Marwood when you're drunk. I watched him and Nick chatting like old friends with a big smile on my face. If nice guys finished first, Ben Marwood would be selling out the apollo by now.

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