Thursday, August 11, 2011

Use Me Up

Today was a toughie.

Dark clouds gathered over my beautiful city. I walked through the station in a daze, passing sleepy twenty-somethings carrying brooms. A lump blocked my throat, choking me more with every boarded window I passed.

It's a hard feeling to convey. Shame. Anger. Hope. They all hit me at the same time and it was difficult to shake. Walking through after work was harder. Watching shutters descend and people fleeing to the train station. They boarded up doors. They pulled in tables.

The city, my vibrant, lively, cosmopolitan city was closing it's doors.

I felt used up. I've no more emotion, no more remorse to offer over this. I'm exhausted.

Tomorrow is another day. We rebuild, we recover, we move on.

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