Thursday, July 07, 2011

Half The Day Away

When I was only 19, I didn't feel old enough to watch my friends get married. Well I'm 23 now and I still don't feel old enough.

What made watching Naseema (my good friend from work) get married so special was the fact that I feel like I've been riding shotgun for this whole journey. We became friends just over a year ago and she confessed to me that she was desperate to get married.

In muslim families, girls get married quite young. But Naseema was the last daughter left and her folks seemed to want to hold onto her. Eventuallly a match was found and every day I got new info on her fiance, his family, the wedding. Some days she'd march into work, mad at the world (and her future in-laws). There were many stress attacks and I talked her down from window-ledges (metaphorically, of course) more than once. We counted down the weeks together, running over every detail, until finally the day was upon me.

Asian weddings are unusual, that's for sure. Still, everyone looked beautiful and Naseema's Dad was running around, greeting everyone and beaming with pride. Bride (and groom!) literally sparkled with glamour. It was a fun day and an experience I won't forget.

And doesn't my man look dashing in his suit? Any excuse to see him in formal wear. We've been dating for six months now. Our six month landmark (I'm not allowed to call it an anniversary) was last weekend. And we were apart. Le sigh. Kind of says a lot, really. It was unavoidable, I'm not trying to blame anyone. But it can be so hard to do the distance thing sometimes.

I hope that Naseema is happy. She is a good person and has kept me sane for the last year or so. She deserves a happily ever after.

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