Monday, May 16, 2011

Reasons Why I Will Never Be A Perfect Girlfriend (An Occasional Series)

1. I cannot cook.

I really can't. Toast, pizza and pasta are about as far as I dare venture into the world of the culinary arts. Maybe a toastie, you know, on a good day. It says a lot when your boyfriend comes into the kitchen and takes the spatula from you. But mainly it just says:

"Step away from the frying pan and get out of the kitchen."

Le sigh.

Sometimes a girl must concede defeat. I may be able to make the bake the best brownies and chocolate chip cheesecakes known to man, but I cannot cook breakfast for my boyfriend. It is a struggle sometimes to accept that the girl that you aspire to be is simply not you.

But that's okay, cause I kicked ass at cleaning up the kitchen.

The lesson: Pick your battles.

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