Thursday, May 05, 2011

63 Thoughts

(Before I had twitter, I used to send Skinny my random thoughts. I forgot I had these floating around :)

63 - Thought I'd lost my phone at work - am enjoying the relief of finding it this morning. Blackberry time soon.

62 - Frank Turner is trending on Twitter!!!

61 - There's only one thing I want for my birthday. And today just shows I can't ever have it. But what I got was enough. It was enough. For now.

60 - I don't wanna come back to work! I don't wanna, I don't wanna!

59 - I am rocking Savage Garden on the phone. Savage Garden are like paisley - timeless.

58 - Sooooo hungry! Wonder if my brother will makes a stop at McDs when he picks me up?

57 - Your underwear/tights tip got me through go-karting today. So I owe you for that.

56 - I don't class drinks as calories when I'm working out my daily intake. Drinks magically have no calorific value in my mind.

55- What can I offer in return for Man vs. Food? It's time for MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING! Yay!

54 - The boys have introduced me to Man vs. Food - it is amazing! A man after YOUR own heart!

53 - No, it's true; I'm too nice for my own good. *Rolls eyes*

52 - Usa-chan says hello XD

51 - The weather has cooled down here! I'm so happy! I'm gonna shiver my way to work with a smile.

50 - I can haaz wetwipes!

49 - My day is a total disaster!

48 - Kyle is talking about bamboo nappies O______________O

47 - When customer services boy appeared in my dept with a huge trolley of t-shirts, I knew it was gonna be a good day. 2 hours of watching the hottest boy in Primark bend over. Bliss.

46 - Some kids put liquid soap in the fountain in exchange square! I thought that only happened in the Sims!

45 - Dangling earrings - a whole new concept to me. And prone to getting tangled in my hair.

44 - I'm addicted to McDonald's Strawberry Sundaes. Scary.

43 - In the hairdressers for the routine trim. I hate having it cut, it is sooooooooooooo long right now.

42 - I was up at 5:30 this morning out the door at 6:15 all just to get to work. It's a bittersweet symphony called life.

41 - A hard day earns ice-cream

40 - Bruised and battered in post-gig euphoria

39 - The Drums are supporting Florence and the Machine - RESULT!!!

38 - One of the KPs told me she liked my eyebrows last night: I've never been more flattered in my life!

37 - Just booked me some train tickets to Stoke for the 21st. Am super excited!

36 - A guy who just got off my train had an actual mullet! I've never seen one before.

35 - A pigeon has just boarded my train O______O

34 - Bitches with prams and Primark bags have taken over my bench -_-

33 - Me and Kylie are working with the MOST ANNOYING GUY EVER! I hate people telling me how to do my job.

32 - you can miss out on many things for the sake of embarrassment! Take a leap! Sacrifice your dignity! It may often prove to be a good decision.

31 - Vampire Weekends' 2nd album is making my day awesome!

30 - The days pass so quickly. It's nearly may. I have so much to do. only 6 Katricks left. Almost twenty two.

29 - If in doubt - go to Gemini.

28 - My train smells like apple juice. And I'm an intruder on it. The things we do for football.

27 - Its hard to forget someone when I'm surrounded by things that remind me of them. But perhaps I put those things there so as to make it impossible to forget.

26 - No matter how hellish the day has been - all I need is my iPod and Reuben. Works every time. Like flicking off my angry switch.

25 - How come so many older people still insist upon wearing their coats when the weather is quite warm? They must be sweltering!

24 - I'm sure Al Riera is walking in front of me with his WAG and his baby.

23 - I dream in hangers.

22 - Folk music and Led Zeppelin are perfect accompaniments to sunny days.

21 - May the good Lord please one day bless me with effective flirting skills. All I have is sarcasm! And that doesn't snare boys.

20 - I make them good boys go bad!

19 - New policy: no more taking calls after midnight. They only lead to trouble.

18 - If in doubt, you can't go wrong with a Caramac.

17 - When going to a gig alone, always arrive late. Not as in fashionably. As in just in time to catch the band.

16 - My Wii Fit informed me this morning that I've lost SEVEN pounds since January. I don't even know how I've done it. Perhaps all the Frank excitement?

15 - The constantine mystery goes on. That boy is full of surprises. And customer services boy STEPPED OVER ME yesterday. So humiliating!

14 - There is not a moment in my life when I would say no to a bit of Jimmy Eat World.

13 - Boys are foul, annoying, stupid, insightful, handsome, fascinating creatures.

12 - I'm in love with Ed Harcourt. Can you marry a voice?

11 - I'm suspected of coming down with a cold.

10 - I walked into work - dazed and sleepy - only to find that the ENTIRE STAFF of my floor have been reshuffled.

9 - I'm coming to Forks tomorrow!

8 - 70 minutes spent watching Lucas (more precisely Lucas' behind) is still 70 minutes well spent.

7 - People are sat on MY bench at the station. This displeases me.

6 - I'm going to the match tonight. C'mon you reds!

5 - Cecil is such a great name! I must name a character Cecil.

4 - Because it's so early my cinema ticket only cost £4! Score!

3 - I was supposed to be sending you random facts at the gig last night. But I wasn't paying attention and ended up sending about 4 to my friend Alan :S

2 - Toni is late for tonight's gig. I was nice and early and am therefore leaning against the stage. Alone.

1 - I had Gemini lasagne and chips for tea. Naturally I dipped the chips in the gooey lasagne deliciousness.

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