Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let's Let Nights Become Days

So I know we still have a few days left (that include the birthday of a dear friend for me) but May Mayhem (or was it Madness?) is over for me. I just have time to catch up on sleep, catch up with friends and watch lots of Apprentice before June graces us with it's presence.

But I have had the most fun.

We pick up with me in Stoke along with the usual suspects:

Being entertained by these three lovely fellows:

I'm not gonna lie, we'd built Stoke up to be the big one and it let us down. Big time. Frank, Franz and Ben all did an amazing job, but the crowd were shit. And it hurt. We hadn't been able to go to the Manchester show, so this felt like the closest we had to a hometown show. Alas.

Still, the man himself did make an appearance afterwards, so that was cool:

(God, doesn't Nick look tiny?!)

Then, only 12 hours later, we were in Wales, where the scenery was beautiful but the weather was disgusting. Still, it was a lovely couple of days hanging out with Nick's family and gaining a short education on Real Ale (apparently they all fall into one of four categories: earwax, chocolate, burnt toast and citrus-y). Plus I got to go on this:

We headed back home on Monday, tired and dishevelled, only to leave almost immediately for happy cider-and-dessert-times-in-Kro-Bar and the Rural Alberta Advantage gig at the charming Deaf Institute. Rural Alberta were seriously good and, if it weren't for them being sandwiched in between Frank gigs, I'd be waxing lyrical about the evening. So I recommend them, go listen now!

The next morning, after very little sleep (seriously, I was crashing big time) we set off for Wiltshire, home of Jess and big white horses:

Then almost immediately to Bristol where I saw a Banksy!!! Well, we passed a few but this one just appeared as we were walking to the venue. So cool since I've always wanted to see one :) Bristol rocks!

So the girlies and I had a lovely night and I heard my favourite new Frank track of the three gigs: 'Redemption'. It literally moved me to tears. I love that feeling you get the first time you listen to a song and, as it unfolds, you realise it is one of the greatest songs you've ever heard. I'll never forget the first time I heard Redemption.

And oh yeah, the gig was in a church. A church and a library within two weeks. Mind-blowing stuff. (For anyone wondering, Frank did not play 'Glory Hallelujah' at Bristol, can't think why though...)

And to end our Frank stalkery jaunt, I met the lovely Mr Marwood who was a friendly, accomodating chap.

So yes, that was May Madness/Mayhem. The next time we see Frank again shall be Leeds Fest, which feels altogether too far away. I got a lovely nine whole hours of sleep last night and at three square meals at reasonable times of the day. Feeling on the road to recovery!

A few words about this tour for me. Following Frank, if only for three gigs, was everything I hoped it would be. Yes, there were lows, but the highs made up for it. The new material gives me serious musical goosebumps so I can therefore guarantee no one will be disappointed come June 6th.

And to my fellow Frank-ophiles, Skinny, Nick and Jess: you are awesome and made this past couple of weeks some of the most special of my life. I shall never forget them.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Reasons Why I Will Never Be A Perfect Girlfriend (An Occasional Series)

1. I cannot cook.

I really can't. Toast, pizza and pasta are about as far as I dare venture into the world of the culinary arts. Maybe a toastie, you know, on a good day. It says a lot when your boyfriend comes into the kitchen and takes the spatula from you. But mainly it just says:

"Step away from the frying pan and get out of the kitchen."

Le sigh.

Sometimes a girl must concede defeat. I may be able to make the bake the best brownies and chocolate chip cheesecakes known to man, but I cannot cook breakfast for my boyfriend. It is a struggle sometimes to accept that the girl that you aspire to be is simply not you.

But that's okay, cause I kicked ass at cleaning up the kitchen.

The lesson: Pick your battles.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Everyone Can Raise Their Glass And Sing

May is a particularly awesome month for me. I don't even care much that it's grey and rainy outside. Like Frank, I'm taking to the road.

And stop one was Lancaster last night.

I was here:
(Yes, I'd like to point out that that is a library. A real, working library. And hands down the strangest venue I've ever been to.)

To see this man:
Oh, and these two blokes:
With these two lovely people:

And here is a wee snippet of what went down:

Thursday, May 05, 2011

63 Thoughts

(Before I had twitter, I used to send Skinny my random thoughts. I forgot I had these floating around :)

63 - Thought I'd lost my phone at work - am enjoying the relief of finding it this morning. Blackberry time soon.

62 - Frank Turner is trending on Twitter!!!

61 - There's only one thing I want for my birthday. And today just shows I can't ever have it. But what I got was enough. It was enough. For now.

60 - I don't wanna come back to work! I don't wanna, I don't wanna!

59 - I am rocking Savage Garden on the phone. Savage Garden are like paisley - timeless.

58 - Sooooo hungry! Wonder if my brother will makes a stop at McDs when he picks me up?

57 - Your underwear/tights tip got me through go-karting today. So I owe you for that.

56 - I don't class drinks as calories when I'm working out my daily intake. Drinks magically have no calorific value in my mind.

55- What can I offer in return for Man vs. Food? It's time for MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING! Yay!

54 - The boys have introduced me to Man vs. Food - it is amazing! A man after YOUR own heart!

53 - No, it's true; I'm too nice for my own good. *Rolls eyes*

52 - Usa-chan says hello XD

51 - The weather has cooled down here! I'm so happy! I'm gonna shiver my way to work with a smile.

50 - I can haaz wetwipes!

49 - My day is a total disaster!

48 - Kyle is talking about bamboo nappies O______________O

47 - When customer services boy appeared in my dept with a huge trolley of t-shirts, I knew it was gonna be a good day. 2 hours of watching the hottest boy in Primark bend over. Bliss.

46 - Some kids put liquid soap in the fountain in exchange square! I thought that only happened in the Sims!

45 - Dangling earrings - a whole new concept to me. And prone to getting tangled in my hair.

44 - I'm addicted to McDonald's Strawberry Sundaes. Scary.

43 - In the hairdressers for the routine trim. I hate having it cut, it is sooooooooooooo long right now.

42 - I was up at 5:30 this morning out the door at 6:15 all just to get to work. It's a bittersweet symphony called life.

41 - A hard day earns ice-cream

40 - Bruised and battered in post-gig euphoria

39 - The Drums are supporting Florence and the Machine - RESULT!!!

38 - One of the KPs told me she liked my eyebrows last night: I've never been more flattered in my life!

37 - Just booked me some train tickets to Stoke for the 21st. Am super excited!

36 - A guy who just got off my train had an actual mullet! I've never seen one before.

35 - A pigeon has just boarded my train O______O

34 - Bitches with prams and Primark bags have taken over my bench -_-

33 - Me and Kylie are working with the MOST ANNOYING GUY EVER! I hate people telling me how to do my job.

32 - you can miss out on many things for the sake of embarrassment! Take a leap! Sacrifice your dignity! It may often prove to be a good decision.

31 - Vampire Weekends' 2nd album is making my day awesome!

30 - The days pass so quickly. It's nearly may. I have so much to do. only 6 Katricks left. Almost twenty two.

29 - If in doubt - go to Gemini.

28 - My train smells like apple juice. And I'm an intruder on it. The things we do for football.

27 - Its hard to forget someone when I'm surrounded by things that remind me of them. But perhaps I put those things there so as to make it impossible to forget.

26 - No matter how hellish the day has been - all I need is my iPod and Reuben. Works every time. Like flicking off my angry switch.

25 - How come so many older people still insist upon wearing their coats when the weather is quite warm? They must be sweltering!

24 - I'm sure Al Riera is walking in front of me with his WAG and his baby.

23 - I dream in hangers.

22 - Folk music and Led Zeppelin are perfect accompaniments to sunny days.

21 - May the good Lord please one day bless me with effective flirting skills. All I have is sarcasm! And that doesn't snare boys.

20 - I make them good boys go bad!

19 - New policy: no more taking calls after midnight. They only lead to trouble.

18 - If in doubt, you can't go wrong with a Caramac.

17 - When going to a gig alone, always arrive late. Not as in fashionably. As in just in time to catch the band.

16 - My Wii Fit informed me this morning that I've lost SEVEN pounds since January. I don't even know how I've done it. Perhaps all the Frank excitement?

15 - The constantine mystery goes on. That boy is full of surprises. And customer services boy STEPPED OVER ME yesterday. So humiliating!

14 - There is not a moment in my life when I would say no to a bit of Jimmy Eat World.

13 - Boys are foul, annoying, stupid, insightful, handsome, fascinating creatures.

12 - I'm in love with Ed Harcourt. Can you marry a voice?

11 - I'm suspected of coming down with a cold.

10 - I walked into work - dazed and sleepy - only to find that the ENTIRE STAFF of my floor have been reshuffled.

9 - I'm coming to Forks tomorrow!

8 - 70 minutes spent watching Lucas (more precisely Lucas' behind) is still 70 minutes well spent.

7 - People are sat on MY bench at the station. This displeases me.

6 - I'm going to the match tonight. C'mon you reds!

5 - Cecil is such a great name! I must name a character Cecil.

4 - Because it's so early my cinema ticket only cost £4! Score!

3 - I was supposed to be sending you random facts at the gig last night. But I wasn't paying attention and ended up sending about 4 to my friend Alan :S

2 - Toni is late for tonight's gig. I was nice and early and am therefore leaning against the stage. Alone.

1 - I had Gemini lasagne and chips for tea. Naturally I dipped the chips in the gooey lasagne deliciousness.