Sunday, January 02, 2011

On The Night You Left I Came Over, And We Peeled The Freckles From Our Shoulders

I dreamt of summer. Of the taste of salt and sand whipped up in the air. Of my hair drying in the sun, soft and wavy. Of warm nights and the touch of another's feverish skin.

I longed for long shadows and ice-cream vans. I hummed MGMT. I touched my long, gypsy skirts hung, waiting, in the wardrobe. Waiting for a summer day that felt a lifetime away.

I imagined you, sunkissed and grinning, the grass tickling your bare arms. What magic would summer wreak in those eyes?

The morning awoke me with a chill. Grey light filtered through the curtains, casting monotony upon what was once beautiful. A tear slid down my icy cheek. The dream was gone, slipping away and I couldn't get warm, couldn't remember the smell of a summer storm.

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