Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Am Ready To Owe You Anything

Gosh, that picture is actually really creepy. My point being that I am finally getting my hair cut tomorrow. You may remember that I posted this back in September. Yes, I've been putting off cutting my hair for over four months. I am a disgrace to girlhood.
I've been neglecting you for a good reason. At least, he probably thinks he's a good enough reason. That and I got a gmail account and Blogger decided to lock me out. Again.

Kirsty loaned me Scott Pilgrim on Sunday and the urge to watch it is almost overwhelming. In fact, right now, the urge to do everything other than what I'm supposed to be doing is unbearably strong. Alas.

Do you ever wonder if happiness is like a scale? You rise up, but someone, somewhere sinks down. I hate to think of it that way, but right now I can't help but suspect that's how it works. I'm so happy, but a tiny part of me feels so guilty for being happy when people I love are so unhappy.

It's a very frustrating conundrum.

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flowery mug said...

Guess who's drunk?!!!!!