Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And See It All, Get To Sleep Now, Get To Sleep So Easily

The weight of the day settled upon your shoulders as you slumped back into the pillows, those brilliant eyes drifting shut. My first instinct was to shake you, to demand back the attention that had been so lavishly exercised upon me. But as a peace settled over the room, my hand was stilled.

My mind told me to pick up a pen. To carve these moments into the record books so I could remember them always.

The words wouldn't come.

My body told me to curl up beside you. To find a place under your chin where I could hide from everything, everyone.

I remained frozen.

Every breath had bore a thousand wishes, each as fragile as the next, given flight with a gasp, a shudder. The air crackled, my skin burned, secrets on your lips made my body yearn. Soft embraces became hard edges, blurring pleasure and pain, my malleable emotions were beyond control, never to be the same again.

I could grow immune to smiles, I could accept the distant miles, I could learn every single detail, I could get past the fear to fail.

But I cannot hide from what you elicit, the whisper of what lies ahead. It lurks in every corner, the only thing left unsaid.

Monday, January 17, 2011

From Your Feet Up To Your Hair, More Than Anything I Swear

The votes are in and it's official, the hoodie just looks better on me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Am Ready To Owe You Anything

Gosh, that picture is actually really creepy. My point being that I am finally getting my hair cut tomorrow. You may remember that I posted this back in September. Yes, I've been putting off cutting my hair for over four months. I am a disgrace to girlhood.
I've been neglecting you for a good reason. At least, he probably thinks he's a good enough reason. That and I got a gmail account and Blogger decided to lock me out. Again.

Kirsty loaned me Scott Pilgrim on Sunday and the urge to watch it is almost overwhelming. In fact, right now, the urge to do everything other than what I'm supposed to be doing is unbearably strong. Alas.

Do you ever wonder if happiness is like a scale? You rise up, but someone, somewhere sinks down. I hate to think of it that way, but right now I can't help but suspect that's how it works. I'm so happy, but a tiny part of me feels so guilty for being happy when people I love are so unhappy.

It's a very frustrating conundrum.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

It's 8am My Heart's Beating Too Loud. Too Loud.

Like a magnet, pulled and pushed. I feel the air tugging at my clothes, pushing me back to collect the missing fragment of myself. A tiny little piece, just for you.

My heart beats against my ribcage, struggling, writhing for freedom as the world pulls me away, drawing me into icy cold arms. Like a tide, I swell and cringe, emotions ruled by the impulsive moon.

There was a secret, dancing in those bright eyes. A good one, one I would savour like sugar dissolving on the tongue. It's best left there, the thing I can never know but will always wonder.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

On The Night You Left I Came Over, And We Peeled The Freckles From Our Shoulders

I dreamt of summer. Of the taste of salt and sand whipped up in the air. Of my hair drying in the sun, soft and wavy. Of warm nights and the touch of another's feverish skin.

I longed for long shadows and ice-cream vans. I hummed MGMT. I touched my long, gypsy skirts hung, waiting, in the wardrobe. Waiting for a summer day that felt a lifetime away.

I imagined you, sunkissed and grinning, the grass tickling your bare arms. What magic would summer wreak in those eyes?

The morning awoke me with a chill. Grey light filtered through the curtains, casting monotony upon what was once beautiful. A tear slid down my icy cheek. The dream was gone, slipping away and I couldn't get warm, couldn't remember the smell of a summer storm.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

I Wouldn't Walk Away From You, Even If You Asked Me To

Happy New Year my darlings!

My emotions are up and down right now like a spiking heart monitor, so no words of wisdom (if you need some wisdom, or comfort, I highly recommend that you click here for awesome). But I can tell you that I had an excellent New Years, if not quite the one I was expecting.