Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Sky Set Out Like A Pathway, But Who Decides Which Route We Take?

I've had a delightfully busy December. It began with Nick's birthday when I surprised him with tickets to see White Lies a few days later. They were very good, the perfect way to round up a very busy year gig-wise :)

And then last week it was our annual Christmas meal and the exchange of secret santa goodies. I think we all agreed that Nick got the best gift.

Happy New Year all!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Seven Devils All Around Me

So this was my attempt to dress up as Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine, and it didn't turn out too badly. Well, the birthday boy knew who I was and that was enough for me.

A whole year today since I first met Nick. I can tell you right now that exactly a year ago (to the minute) I had pretty much given up on meeting him at all. I'm kind of tempted to tell the whole story, but here's all you need to know:

- we met online
- because we are both music geeks
- and we met up at the We Are Scientists gig

At 10:30 pm on the 20th November last year, I was passing it off as one of those things. We'd failed to meet up outside the venue. Once inside I had patchy signal and the place was packed. By this point I was tipsy (from having too many drinks to settle my nerves) and I was trying to keep my friend Rachael from hitting the girl in front of us (she was small, but very annoying. The girl, that is, not Rach').

So I figured I'd tried, you know? It was just one of those things.

The gig ended (WAS were amazing, but that goes without saying) and Rach' and I grabbed some merch and then got into the huge queue for the cloakroom. I was dancing around 'cause my shoes hurt and Rach' was close to passing out from exhaustion (since she'd been at a midnight Harry Potter showing the night before). We got to the front and Rach' couldn't find her cloakroom ticket.

I glanced at my phone whilst she frantically pawed through her purse.

I had a text from Nick. Well, several actually. He was waiting for me at the fire exit. He'd be wearing a check shirt.

Oh God, I immediately thought, I bet he saw me doing my 'damn these shoes suck' dance.

And so we met. And I talked (shockingly). My ride was waiting (rather impatiently) but there was time for a drink and conversation. One year later, here I am.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Shake It Out, Shake It Out

So I'm on the eve of this crazy endeavour, eating strawberry cables ('cause it's Halloween for me too) and trying not to freak out.

Let the fun begin!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Writing To Reach You

When life hands you lemons...

I know that there are a handful of things that I happen to be good at, such as:

- Tidying
- Putting things on coat hangers
- Getting people to help me (it's all in the eyes)
- Predicting Masterchef winners (I'm seriously on a role)
- Hearing the new hot band before my friends (or at least until I started dating a guy who introduced me to a whole host of music nazis)

- Writing.

Lately everyone wants to know what I want to do with my future and I suppose the truth is that I don't have big dreams. But the sad thing is that I keep telling people that I used to want to be a writer.

Used to.

I also happen to be one of those unfortunates that writes better when depressed. And I'm not gonna wish for depression just to get a decent dialogue or plotline outta me. Regardless, I still write. Letters, lists, blogs, diaries, poems, texts, tweets. Sometimes it's so much better than talking.

So you guys all know the drill with Nanowrimo. Write a novel in a month. Preferably 50,000 words, but that's just a guideline.

I can't even begin to tell you how busy my November is. Aside from working and buying Christmas presents, I'm going to London, going to Birmingham, seeing Frank Turner twice and sitting through around seven hours of Twilight in one sitting (and probably many more afterwards).

But I've never been too busy to write before.

I'm getting off track here. My point is that I'm going to try and if I fail spectacularly, then I fail and you shall all have the pleasure of witnessing it.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Your Plans Are Over, I'm Not Your Number

Young Legionnaire are awesome.

I can only speak for myself, but when Thursday night came around I was not in the mood for a gig. Manchester Orchestra the night before had left me feeling a little bit flat (through no fault of the band) and I wasn't feeling that gig itch that I usually have on the go.

Plus, if you looked outside your window at any point in the day, you'll have realised that the weather was disgusting.

But I pulled out my winter coat and off we went.

You can see where this story is going, of course.

It kind of felt like gig nights back when I was in Uni, when me and my friend Ian would turn up to tiny venues with crowds so small that you could hear the support act cough. I leaned against the bar with Nick, sharing pleasantries with the gig loner next to us whenever Nick frequented visited the toilet. The vibe was friendly, relaxed, and this was even before the band came on.

I should tell you that Young Legionnaire are a combination of Gordon Moakes (Bloc Party and bass God), Paul Mullen (yourcodenameis:Milo and The Automatic) and a dopey, blonde drummer. But, as we discussed, knowing this gives you false pre-conceptions of exactly what Young Legionnaire should and will sound like.

For example, I wondered if it might dishearten the band that they were playing to a half empty room. Not at all. They beckoned us forward and played as if it was a sell-out. If anything, it meant they were more comfortable to laugh and joke around with the crowd, gaining an even more affectionate response from some pretty hardcore fans.

The Manchester Orchestra gig had knocked my faith a little. It angered me that people were so happy to talk over a band that they had paid good money to see. The gig was a sell out, but it had all the atmosphere of a lame Tuesday club night, mid semester, when your deadlines are coming up and you know you shouldn't be out.

But Young Legionnaire just picked me right up again. I went in with low expectations, feeling damp and a bit lacklustre. I came out feeling thoroughly rocked, as if the music had penetrated my bones leaving me energised and invigorated.


Sunday, October 02, 2011

My Darling, Go To Sleep For Me. I Will Breathe You In.

Oh we had such fun last night. And to think we might never have gone!

The late summer weather meant the city was chock-a-block with people. We made it to The Garrett (a lovely bar next to my favourite club ever; Fifth Avenue) in time to catch the bulk of Oxygen Thief's supporting set, quickly followed by Ben Marwood.

I'd kind of expected to find a lot of Frank fans there. Whilst there were a lots of people, these were diehard Marwood fans, singing along to every word, regardless of whether they'd heard of him before April or not.

I miss student bars. Cheap alcohol, good atmosphere and nice people. I was feeling warm and happy, which might explain how I found myself getting steadily drunk.

It's a strange thing to talk to Ben Marwood when you're drunk. I watched him and Nick chatting like old friends with a big smile on my face. If nice guys finished first, Ben Marwood would be selling out the apollo by now.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Take Another Picture

I usually post a rather lengthy review of Leeds Fest, but I just can't do it this year. What is a review without pictures? Dull.

My camera was a victim of this year's festival. Everyone I've told likes to assume that it was stolen. All I know is that I had it on the Sunday morning and I came home without it. A lot happened in that time and somewhere along the way my beloved camera was lost.

I've been putting off buying a new one for a while now, hoping it would turn up, but it's time to face facts.

In the grand scheme of things, something much worse could have happened over the course of the weekend. But I do confess myself a little heartbroken. I loved that camera, as I love many of my appliances.

I'm buying a new camera this weekend. I'll post more when I can take some photos again.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Use Me Up

Today was a toughie.

Dark clouds gathered over my beautiful city. I walked through the station in a daze, passing sleepy twenty-somethings carrying brooms. A lump blocked my throat, choking me more with every boarded window I passed.

It's a hard feeling to convey. Shame. Anger. Hope. They all hit me at the same time and it was difficult to shake. Walking through after work was harder. Watching shutters descend and people fleeing to the train station. They boarded up doors. They pulled in tables.

The city, my vibrant, lively, cosmopolitan city was closing it's doors.

I felt used up. I've no more emotion, no more remorse to offer over this. I'm exhausted.

Tomorrow is another day. We rebuild, we recover, we move on.

Monday, July 25, 2011

You Give Her Reason For Believing

I wanna give you a valuable tip: Trains, they leave earlier on Sundays.

Someone annoying (generally someone like me) will tell you that these things are a sign. Or a test. It just felt like a big humiliation as I ran through Lime Street Station like a little girl, fear manifesting in a storm of nausea in my stomach as I raced down an escalator and called for help.

I'm scared of escalators. I don't like going down them. I practically flew down this one, a small fear replaced by a more immediate one.

Everything was okay, you know. My folks bailed me out, coming to collect me and leaving me feeling more like a child than ever. In a good and a bad way, the way where you feel like you're too old to be such a fool but also the way where they make you feel so safe, like only a parent can.

I got some time to stand on the edge of the world and think. And cry, for a little bit, but that passed. You know, when I'm trying to cheer myself up, the same memory always springs to mind. We were walking through St. John's shopping centre (I don't know why, there is nothing in there) and he grabbed my hand and spun me around and around. It's always that memory first.

My best work friend came back today. She is magic.

I'm dead serious. Magic. She has this incredible talent of saying something that always makes me feel better/happy/giggle.

She just got married. And is as happy as I'd hoped. But her hubby, he has to go away to work for a few days. They've not been separated yet. She described how even thinking of him leaving made her almost inconsolable.

I'm not about revelling in others' misery, I swear, but just hearing this made me feel so much better. Not in a Schadenfreude kinda way. I've just been driving myself crazy with pity and the overwhelming fear that I shouldn't feel this way. But she made it seem so simple, so obvious:

You love someone. You miss them.


Why am I telling you all this? I suppose I miss sharing things here. What was a trend for my friends, was something I've been doing for a long time. An instinct, you might say. I wrote a diary from being seven years old. They're all hideously embarrassing when you read them years later, but they are my life.

And hey! The Ghost Girl tans! My forearms are half a shade less white than they were a week ago!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Come Morning, I'll Be Gone

I'm leaving. In less than 12 hours. I know, because with each passing 0'clock, I count how long remains. How long until I'll wish away every second with only a few precious moments of respite.

And I'm a broken record, everyone is tired of hearing me bemoan my truly terrible situation. How awful it must be to be loved, to be happy, for everyone to make demands of your time. Pity me.

I knew that something would eventually force me to grow up. To face facts and strive, long even, for a change. I know that I won't wake up one day, thirty and still living with my parents. I just know.

But I didn't think it would be this.

I have no wanderlust. I'll do this anywhere, here or far away, if only to do it all the time.

Without consent, without warning, everything shifted. I'm a home girl, always have been, but now my home has changed, in place, in definition, in importance. And now I'm just static, constantly homesick.

Please, come home.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Magnetic North

Time is slipping away. I wished it away a while ago and now I'm not sure whether I should regret that decision.

And all I want are simple things. A walk in the woods. Raindrops against the window. A dark room and endless music.

You know, I'm really okay. I'd expect myself to be angry/jealous/upset about a few things right now, but my life is set against a backdrop of contentment and impending happiness right now and I just can't muster the effort for negativity.

Things aren't perfect. My happiness is most likely more fragile than I've judged. But it's real and that's enough.

Also, I'm kind of addicted to cake.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

You Write Because You Love Him

It's the story of a girl.

A girl with a constant soundtrack. It hummed in the background, wailed like a banshee, embraced her with invisible arms.

But she held a pen, not a guitar. She had words, but no voice. She couldn't weave her own music, only a yarn of endless stories. She wrapped herself in them, weathering long winters and fleeting summers.

She grew taller. She grew womanly. She did not grow up.

As everyone around her grew successful or crazy or even just mature, she stared into a computer screen searching always for a new song, a new voice, a new sound to drown out the calls for her to live anywhere but her imagination.

Imagine her surprise when out of the screen came a boy.

He had words, clumsy and beautiful, so he handed them to her, like a bouquet of compliments.

She blushed, for words are far more seductive than flowers and pretty things. Words do not wither.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Half The Day Away

When I was only 19, I didn't feel old enough to watch my friends get married. Well I'm 23 now and I still don't feel old enough.

What made watching Naseema (my good friend from work) get married so special was the fact that I feel like I've been riding shotgun for this whole journey. We became friends just over a year ago and she confessed to me that she was desperate to get married.

In muslim families, girls get married quite young. But Naseema was the last daughter left and her folks seemed to want to hold onto her. Eventuallly a match was found and every day I got new info on her fiance, his family, the wedding. Some days she'd march into work, mad at the world (and her future in-laws). There were many stress attacks and I talked her down from window-ledges (metaphorically, of course) more than once. We counted down the weeks together, running over every detail, until finally the day was upon me.

Asian weddings are unusual, that's for sure. Still, everyone looked beautiful and Naseema's Dad was running around, greeting everyone and beaming with pride. Bride (and groom!) literally sparkled with glamour. It was a fun day and an experience I won't forget.

And doesn't my man look dashing in his suit? Any excuse to see him in formal wear. We've been dating for six months now. Our six month landmark (I'm not allowed to call it an anniversary) was last weekend. And we were apart. Le sigh. Kind of says a lot, really. It was unavoidable, I'm not trying to blame anyone. But it can be so hard to do the distance thing sometimes.

I hope that Naseema is happy. She is a good person and has kept me sane for the last year or so. She deserves a happily ever after.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love Is Noise

In honour of Wimbledon, here's my best tennis girl pose. Just imagine I have a racket in my left hand.

I love tennis. Well, allow me to reiterate - I love ladies tennis! The hair, the grunts, the steely determination. If I can help it, I try to hardly watch any of the men's. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, I tend to miss the bulk of Wimbledon other than the weekend coverage and running home from work to catch the late matches. But today I got to record it, come home and watch 3/4 of the women's quarter finals!

If that isn't die hard dedication, I don't know what is.

p.s. I really love wearing my hair in this ponytail/braid - it's so comfy! I can see why it's so popular with the women's tennis players.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

And The Last Time You Counted You Were Twenty Three, But You Still Don't Know Who You Wanna Be

So yes, whilst I was disconnected from the world, I also happened to turn 23.


Well, it's not exactly a number I like, but you have to work with what you got, right? I have enjoyed odd numbers before, 17 and 19 being particular highlights. In all honesty, I was loving the second half of being 22, but it was a pretty rocky start.

There were lots of pre and post birthday celebrations which pretty much started with Nick and I going to Oxford.

It's no secret that Oxford and I haven't always gotten along. In fact, for a while there, we hated each other. But I have come to embrace the city now. This was my last visit there, possibly ever, so I wanted to make it count. And the place really is downright beautiful. For example, this is where my best friend lives (or lived, since she moved out today):

It's gorgeous. There's a deer park behind it. A bloody deer park! When we turned up that afternoon, people were playing croquet on the lawns. And I mean actually playing, not just arsing around with mallets like me and my friends would.

So the whole point of travelling to Oxford (other than some quality time with Vic) was to go to Formal Hall, something she's been trying to get me to do for three years. You get all dressed up and eat a three course meal in the college. And you can only do it when you know someone who goes there. Tres exclusive!

We all scrubbed up rather nicely, though I do say so myself (even Vic who had finished her exams a few days earlier and been trashed in her gown). I assumed pictures were forbidden in the dining hall and didn't want to make an ass of myself anyway. Needless to say, it was all very civilised. We ate cold soup, lamb and white chocolate mousse and Vic marvelled at Nick's talent to eat other people leftovers (something my parents happen to be rather impressed with too).

Oxford is a lovely place, particularly excellent for eating, which Nick and I did aplenty. From cookies to milkshakes, ice-cream and sandwiches. It ain't cheap, but it's all delicious :)

Next on the list of pre-birthday treats was the long-awaited (FIVE YEARS) Tom Vek gig at the Ruby Lounge.

You're probably aware of the Tom Vek story unless you've been living under a rock for a few months. Basically, the guy released his debut album back in 2005, did a handful of gigs and then, for all intents and purposes, disappeared.

No appearances, no cameos, no working with other artists. Nada, zip, zilch.

Pretty much every year thereafter a rumour would go around saying this was the year Tom would make his comeback, but, five years later, it was looking pretty unlikely. A bunch of sad Tom fans were left clutching their albums awaiting his return.

Then he pulled a total Radiohead on us. Suddenly he was back. New single, new video, new album and, best of all, a tour. Oh I was so there. So I dragged a rather unconvinced Nick along to hear the sounds of Mr. Vek.

And he didn't disappoint. The new album is solid, but it's grown on me more after seeing him live. Onstage he is rather shy and tends to get carried away with the music, often dancing to his own beat (so cute!) and closing his eyes as he sings. Nick and I bopped along (okay, I bopped) on the barrier, lapping up every song. Even better, that was the very night it was announced he'd be playing on the Festival Republic Stage at Leeds. Definitely gonna catch him there.

My birthday was a quiet one, which was fine by me. Got awesome presents (Vic's signed Frank Turner album being the pick of the bunch) and Nick and I went out for dinner and then to the Cornerhouse to watch Senna. I always like a quiet day, personally, and, though I still get excited about them, birthdays are starting to lose some of their appeal.

Rach's boyfriend Rob had his birthday a few days later so we combined celebrations and went out round Preston which was oodles of fun. You gotta love an alternative club! Moshing along to classic nu-rock and metal is what it's all about!

And I suppose that was my birthday in a nutshell. Now all my days off are pretty much spent up and life has become a waiting game as I slowly prepare for Leeds Fest (only two months away now!) with a few highlights on the way.

As always, since I find recording my life such a cathartic experience, I'll keep you posted!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Get To Sleep Now, Don't You Ever Wonder?

Avery pressed her hands to the wall. Tonight, sleep was elusive.

She slipped through the door without a sound, tiptoeing a precarious path through discarded papers that littered the floor. The moonlight illuminated a half started, half finished, masterpiece upon the wall; Isaac never drew the curtains. The paint was fresh enough that the smell still lingered in the cool air.

She crept closer as he rolled over, eyes opening. Silently, he held open the covers, inviting her in.

Warm arms enveloped her, drawing her in tight with a satisfied sigh, as if he slept better with her in his embrace. Immediately, he was asleep once more as she lay there, tracing the shape of his arms, shoulders, neck.

She longed for home. For little sister's with endless questions. For parents with bemused expressions. For her bed. But what was it without him? Tomorrow night she would have everything she missed and no one to share it with.

A sob rose in her chest. Isaac stirred.


"I'll forget," she whispered. "I'll forget how you feel beside me."

He nodded, his eyes awake now. "And then you'll remember."

She tucked her head into the curve of his neck and handed over her insomnia. He lay awake all night, memorising in preparation to forget.

With the sun rose a desperation that felt like a tightening in his chest. So many mornings he had awoken and count the days he had left, never letting himself think of the day when his time would run out.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Let's Let Nights Become Days

So I know we still have a few days left (that include the birthday of a dear friend for me) but May Mayhem (or was it Madness?) is over for me. I just have time to catch up on sleep, catch up with friends and watch lots of Apprentice before June graces us with it's presence.

But I have had the most fun.

We pick up with me in Stoke along with the usual suspects:

Being entertained by these three lovely fellows:

I'm not gonna lie, we'd built Stoke up to be the big one and it let us down. Big time. Frank, Franz and Ben all did an amazing job, but the crowd were shit. And it hurt. We hadn't been able to go to the Manchester show, so this felt like the closest we had to a hometown show. Alas.

Still, the man himself did make an appearance afterwards, so that was cool:

(God, doesn't Nick look tiny?!)

Then, only 12 hours later, we were in Wales, where the scenery was beautiful but the weather was disgusting. Still, it was a lovely couple of days hanging out with Nick's family and gaining a short education on Real Ale (apparently they all fall into one of four categories: earwax, chocolate, burnt toast and citrus-y). Plus I got to go on this:

We headed back home on Monday, tired and dishevelled, only to leave almost immediately for happy cider-and-dessert-times-in-Kro-Bar and the Rural Alberta Advantage gig at the charming Deaf Institute. Rural Alberta were seriously good and, if it weren't for them being sandwiched in between Frank gigs, I'd be waxing lyrical about the evening. So I recommend them, go listen now!

The next morning, after very little sleep (seriously, I was crashing big time) we set off for Wiltshire, home of Jess and big white horses:

Then almost immediately to Bristol where I saw a Banksy!!! Well, we passed a few but this one just appeared as we were walking to the venue. So cool since I've always wanted to see one :) Bristol rocks!

So the girlies and I had a lovely night and I heard my favourite new Frank track of the three gigs: 'Redemption'. It literally moved me to tears. I love that feeling you get the first time you listen to a song and, as it unfolds, you realise it is one of the greatest songs you've ever heard. I'll never forget the first time I heard Redemption.

And oh yeah, the gig was in a church. A church and a library within two weeks. Mind-blowing stuff. (For anyone wondering, Frank did not play 'Glory Hallelujah' at Bristol, can't think why though...)

And to end our Frank stalkery jaunt, I met the lovely Mr Marwood who was a friendly, accomodating chap.

So yes, that was May Madness/Mayhem. The next time we see Frank again shall be Leeds Fest, which feels altogether too far away. I got a lovely nine whole hours of sleep last night and at three square meals at reasonable times of the day. Feeling on the road to recovery!

A few words about this tour for me. Following Frank, if only for three gigs, was everything I hoped it would be. Yes, there were lows, but the highs made up for it. The new material gives me serious musical goosebumps so I can therefore guarantee no one will be disappointed come June 6th.

And to my fellow Frank-ophiles, Skinny, Nick and Jess: you are awesome and made this past couple of weeks some of the most special of my life. I shall never forget them.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Reasons Why I Will Never Be A Perfect Girlfriend (An Occasional Series)

1. I cannot cook.

I really can't. Toast, pizza and pasta are about as far as I dare venture into the world of the culinary arts. Maybe a toastie, you know, on a good day. It says a lot when your boyfriend comes into the kitchen and takes the spatula from you. But mainly it just says:

"Step away from the frying pan and get out of the kitchen."

Le sigh.

Sometimes a girl must concede defeat. I may be able to make the bake the best brownies and chocolate chip cheesecakes known to man, but I cannot cook breakfast for my boyfriend. It is a struggle sometimes to accept that the girl that you aspire to be is simply not you.

But that's okay, cause I kicked ass at cleaning up the kitchen.

The lesson: Pick your battles.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Everyone Can Raise Their Glass And Sing

May is a particularly awesome month for me. I don't even care much that it's grey and rainy outside. Like Frank, I'm taking to the road.

And stop one was Lancaster last night.

I was here:
(Yes, I'd like to point out that that is a library. A real, working library. And hands down the strangest venue I've ever been to.)

To see this man:
Oh, and these two blokes:
With these two lovely people:

And here is a wee snippet of what went down:

Thursday, May 05, 2011

63 Thoughts

(Before I had twitter, I used to send Skinny my random thoughts. I forgot I had these floating around :)

63 - Thought I'd lost my phone at work - am enjoying the relief of finding it this morning. Blackberry time soon.

62 - Frank Turner is trending on Twitter!!!

61 - There's only one thing I want for my birthday. And today just shows I can't ever have it. But what I got was enough. It was enough. For now.

60 - I don't wanna come back to work! I don't wanna, I don't wanna!

59 - I am rocking Savage Garden on the phone. Savage Garden are like paisley - timeless.

58 - Sooooo hungry! Wonder if my brother will makes a stop at McDs when he picks me up?

57 - Your underwear/tights tip got me through go-karting today. So I owe you for that.

56 - I don't class drinks as calories when I'm working out my daily intake. Drinks magically have no calorific value in my mind.

55- What can I offer in return for Man vs. Food? It's time for MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING! Yay!

54 - The boys have introduced me to Man vs. Food - it is amazing! A man after YOUR own heart!

53 - No, it's true; I'm too nice for my own good. *Rolls eyes*

52 - Usa-chan says hello XD

51 - The weather has cooled down here! I'm so happy! I'm gonna shiver my way to work with a smile.

50 - I can haaz wetwipes!

49 - My day is a total disaster!

48 - Kyle is talking about bamboo nappies O______________O

47 - When customer services boy appeared in my dept with a huge trolley of t-shirts, I knew it was gonna be a good day. 2 hours of watching the hottest boy in Primark bend over. Bliss.

46 - Some kids put liquid soap in the fountain in exchange square! I thought that only happened in the Sims!

45 - Dangling earrings - a whole new concept to me. And prone to getting tangled in my hair.

44 - I'm addicted to McDonald's Strawberry Sundaes. Scary.

43 - In the hairdressers for the routine trim. I hate having it cut, it is sooooooooooooo long right now.

42 - I was up at 5:30 this morning out the door at 6:15 all just to get to work. It's a bittersweet symphony called life.

41 - A hard day earns ice-cream

40 - Bruised and battered in post-gig euphoria

39 - The Drums are supporting Florence and the Machine - RESULT!!!

38 - One of the KPs told me she liked my eyebrows last night: I've never been more flattered in my life!

37 - Just booked me some train tickets to Stoke for the 21st. Am super excited!

36 - A guy who just got off my train had an actual mullet! I've never seen one before.

35 - A pigeon has just boarded my train O______O

34 - Bitches with prams and Primark bags have taken over my bench -_-

33 - Me and Kylie are working with the MOST ANNOYING GUY EVER! I hate people telling me how to do my job.

32 - you can miss out on many things for the sake of embarrassment! Take a leap! Sacrifice your dignity! It may often prove to be a good decision.

31 - Vampire Weekends' 2nd album is making my day awesome!

30 - The days pass so quickly. It's nearly may. I have so much to do. only 6 Katricks left. Almost twenty two.

29 - If in doubt - go to Gemini.

28 - My train smells like apple juice. And I'm an intruder on it. The things we do for football.

27 - Its hard to forget someone when I'm surrounded by things that remind me of them. But perhaps I put those things there so as to make it impossible to forget.

26 - No matter how hellish the day has been - all I need is my iPod and Reuben. Works every time. Like flicking off my angry switch.

25 - How come so many older people still insist upon wearing their coats when the weather is quite warm? They must be sweltering!

24 - I'm sure Al Riera is walking in front of me with his WAG and his baby.

23 - I dream in hangers.

22 - Folk music and Led Zeppelin are perfect accompaniments to sunny days.

21 - May the good Lord please one day bless me with effective flirting skills. All I have is sarcasm! And that doesn't snare boys.

20 - I make them good boys go bad!

19 - New policy: no more taking calls after midnight. They only lead to trouble.

18 - If in doubt, you can't go wrong with a Caramac.

17 - When going to a gig alone, always arrive late. Not as in fashionably. As in just in time to catch the band.

16 - My Wii Fit informed me this morning that I've lost SEVEN pounds since January. I don't even know how I've done it. Perhaps all the Frank excitement?

15 - The constantine mystery goes on. That boy is full of surprises. And customer services boy STEPPED OVER ME yesterday. So humiliating!

14 - There is not a moment in my life when I would say no to a bit of Jimmy Eat World.

13 - Boys are foul, annoying, stupid, insightful, handsome, fascinating creatures.

12 - I'm in love with Ed Harcourt. Can you marry a voice?

11 - I'm suspected of coming down with a cold.

10 - I walked into work - dazed and sleepy - only to find that the ENTIRE STAFF of my floor have been reshuffled.

9 - I'm coming to Forks tomorrow!

8 - 70 minutes spent watching Lucas (more precisely Lucas' behind) is still 70 minutes well spent.

7 - People are sat on MY bench at the station. This displeases me.

6 - I'm going to the match tonight. C'mon you reds!

5 - Cecil is such a great name! I must name a character Cecil.

4 - Because it's so early my cinema ticket only cost £4! Score!

3 - I was supposed to be sending you random facts at the gig last night. But I wasn't paying attention and ended up sending about 4 to my friend Alan :S

2 - Toni is late for tonight's gig. I was nice and early and am therefore leaning against the stage. Alone.

1 - I had Gemini lasagne and chips for tea. Naturally I dipped the chips in the gooey lasagne deliciousness.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

So We Dug Ourselves A Hole And Planted All Our Skin, Like A Seed In The Ground To Grow Again

We can all agree that April has been a most beautiful month. I'm a little sad to see it go. I started taking photos again because I didn't feel like I had anything interesting to say. But at the same time, I didn't want to abandon my little space here. I love taking a few moments to document the days, I draw some odd satisfaction from looking back on my own life, whether through words or pictures.

But I've looked forward to looking for something to capture, as I trawl through the city, en route to work or just wandering, its kept my mind active and alert and made me happy.

Perhaps I'll continue in this vein for a while. But these are the end of my quiet April days; the hazy, lazy moments before the rush of summer. Now to May Madness...

Friday, April 29, 2011

What's The Chinese Word For Cheese?

It's all too tempting to me to just post a glut of photos of my boyfriend... Terrible, but true. The people who know and love me best will tell you that I love taking photos of them. Something that I acknowledge can be extremely annoying.

It's a trait that he's slowly having to adjust to. And I give him credit; occasionally he humours me.

I've posted about Bubble Tea before. I've since tried a couple more varieties (Strawberry and Chocolate) and tried to convert a few more people (Skinny, Vic and the Oxford crew) with disappointing results. I still don't like it, but I adore the idea of it. Ridiculous really.

So I wanted to use Mr. Sweet-Tooth as a guinea pig. He didn't seem overly impressed, but he did drain his glass. I conclude that he liked it, but wouldn't drink it again. If that isn't a contradiction.

I, on the other hand, got this adorable slice of cake and enjoyed every bite. You win some, you lose some.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

And What She Sees, She Sees It Like No Other

The girl behind the camera no like having her photo taken. I don't so much have any issues with what I look like, just a different image of myself in my head than what appears in the photos. I'll look at them and not recognise myself, which I suppose is true for everyone to an extent, but it disconcerts me.

So this is my attempt at a self-portrait. She kinda looks like me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Were Washed Up On The Glittering Shore

I've gotta say, we were blessed with the most beautiful Easter Sunday. Nick and I went for a walk on which I got some great shots (though I say so myself), this being my absolute favourite. For such a city girl, I love living in the suburbs.