Sunday, December 05, 2010

You And I Could Have A Rock And Roll Romance

We had the best night ever at the Frank Turner gig. As always. And I actually met a girl who put my Frank Turner obsession to shame. It was nice to have someone there to make me feel normal.

The beauty of a Frank Turner gig is that there's no messing around. We walked in (after queueing out in the snow for 90 mins) got our place on the barrier (ahem, front and centre) and less than five minutes later, Dive Dive were on stage.

So Dive Dive is made up of Frank's band and Jamie Stuart. I'd seen them support Frank ages ago in Oxford. They lean more towards Reuben than Frank, but they were good and their new single 'Liar' is a tune.

I was more excited about seeing Ed Harcourt, who I'm a big fan of. I saw him back in the summer (on what had to be the hottest day of the year) and he was phenomenal. And, despite being obviously hungover, he didn't disappoint. The material he played was all from his latest album, Lustre, which isn't my favourite (he has a massive back catalogue), but it worked well and Skinny was in awe when he used his loop tech to create all the backing music for his final song, Heart of a Wolf.

And then Frank :)

The set was very similar to back in March, with some new tracks from the EP and, what I can only assume is, the new album. I Still Believe went down a treat. The whole set was just clever; he'd slip in a new song and then crank the atmosphere with a classic. There was a nice solo, accoustic break in the middle and, as always, Father's Day was a beautiful, emotional performance.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this photo is my only proof that I touched Frank Turner. He stood on the barrier, right in front of Skinny, which is rather out of character for him. Could it be that he got carried away in the moment? Regardless, I touched Frank Turner. And he was sweaty.

Can't wait for Liverpool next weekend :)

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augusta_avenue said...

I see him the day after you. Thanks for not putting up the set list, I don't wanna know.

we should hang out when I'm home for the holidays. gimme a call xxx