Tuesday, December 14, 2010

But If You Wanna Blow A Bubble I'll Bite My Gum In Two

How is it that even a bad film can be fun when you're with your friends?

I realise as I delve deeper and deeper into music, that I know nothing. All my hard rock heritage and indie kid street cred hardly amounts to a hill of beans. I thought I was little miss music because it was always me introducing my friends to new bands (Toni introduces me to old bands and, for that, I love her), always me going to gigs in grotty little venues where the toilet is right behind the stage. I wear the t-shirts with the band names none of my friends recognise. I have a playlist for every day of the year, every person I know, every emotion I feel.

Music is a labyrinth. You dive in and get lost. You'll never know every twist and turn, never learn where every path leads. You can carve your own way through, or just appreciate the trails blazed by others. Best of all, you'll never get out. And you'll never want to.

That was either one of the deepest things I've wrote, or one of the most cliched. Either way, it's what I've learned.

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Little Newman said...

Ahh, I know how you feel! My friends all think I know so much about music but the actual thing is that I don't know anything about music really, I just don't listen to anything other then my select four favourite bands or something.
And because no one's heard of my favouritest band.
But actually I really don't listen to haha :')

So not the same situation, really, but what you've said really resonates with me :)