Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On Your Request I Compiled A List

I am a list maker. There really is something so satisfying about crossing something off the list. I adore watching my amazon wishlist dwindle and I really can't explain why it gives me so much pleasure.

So, I got the idea from one of my fave vloggers to write down 5 things I want to achieve the next day before I go to bed. Because I'm one of those people who has good intentions, but not a lot of willpower. So let's go for it!

5 Things I Want To Achieve on the 24th November:

1. Get up and wii fit
2. Finish 'The Body Finder'
3. Cash my tax rebate cheque
4. Finish my latest diary entry
5. Go see the latest Harry Potter

I may let you know if I complete my list. Like you care.

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