Sunday, October 10, 2010

Your Best Bet Is To Stay Away Motherfucker, It's Just ONE OF THOSE DAYS

I'm an angry person.

I have 'Break Stuff' days. Generally at least one a week. And that's a pretty good week for me. I like being angry. It's who I am. There's something so satisfying about getting seriously pissed off. Like finally scratching an itch you've been struggling to reach.

Does it shock you that I'm listening to Limp Bizkit as I type this? Almost like passive anger! I need one last hit before I say what I'm about to! I'm sucking in the swear words like licking cocaine off the paws of a cat.

So I had this idea that I would try to go a whole week without getting angry.

*Pause for laughter*

I'm being told all the time that anger is not constructive. Consider me an anger junkie trying to go cold turkey to see if I can do it. And maybe even to see if life is better/easier without anger (yeah, right).

Lets face it, I'm probably going to fail. Just to give you an idea of how little it takes to make me angry, I got pissed off a few hours ago because no one wanted apple pie and custard. For real. In reality someone I kind of like is probably gonna get booted off X Factor tomorrow night and I'll just see fucking red and it'll be all over with.

But maybe I won't.

Just gonna take one more passive anger hit and then... THE EXPERIMENT BEGINS!!!

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