Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Won't You Come Back Home?

I would like to state, for the record, that I do not support Wigan Athletic. I just work for them.

I was all ready to post some big moan about some guy (who's an idiot) in typical cryptic blogger style. But after being locked out of blogger for three days (why d'you do that to me huh?) I find myself just happy to be back.

And it's not just that. I learned that happiness is sort of pre-disposed today. Some people are naturally happier than others. The past year I've been happiest I've been since I was a kid. Yep, there've been some ups and downs, but I'm ready to get back to being happy again.

Some things I smiled about this week:

- I saw my friend George outside Hindley train station (last place I expected to see him)
- I'm making friends on twitter. Nice friends.
- My boss (who hates me) told me he didn't want to lose me.
- The new Kings of Leon album
- My pretty new Steampunk coat arrived. It is GORGEOUS.
- I made fun of my boss (the one that likes me) and made him and my co-workers laugh
- This video


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Little Newman said...


I'm wanting to read some steampunk because I'm sure I'd love it but I don't know where to start D: any reccommendations?

Andandand post a pic of your dress :D I love steampunk dresses =3