Friday, October 15, 2010

We Never Had A Heart To Heart, But You Still Call Me Up After Dark

This pretty much sums up last night. A night, of which I had low expectations, turned out pretty sweet. For the most part. Things got a little rough when we thought Vic was gonna get taken to hospital. But then she barfed all over the pavement (and poor Dan and Louise) and all was well!!!

Pah, it's been such a shit week. It was good to put aside all the sadness for just a few hours and have some mindless fun. And there were cookies. The cookies have softened me up. Oxford, you're alright.
As for my anger experiment, it's gone pretty good. But I've discovered that I'd rather be really pissed off than just sad. Sadness makes you empty, lethargic and just plain boring. The whole world turns the colour of porridge. I'd rather paint the town red and reap the consequences.

That being said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIC!

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flowery mug said...

Hahaha, I LOVE this photo!! Fun times!