Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Used To Complain, Now I Don't

Holy crap, mere words cannot express my love for White Rabbits.

The gig was probably on the most inconvenient night that ever existed and I had to overcome overtime, squabbling boys, lack of sleep and torrential rain just to get there. But it was worth it all.

White Rabbits are pure energy onstage. The double percussion makes for something special and unique, visually as well as audially. I love indie bands with piano, but these guys are so ridiculously talented that at various stages of the show they all just swap instruments. And they have two great vocalists!

Plus they always play my favourite song (Midnight and I) which always wins me over.I loved it. It was exactly what I needed. Still, it won't be long until I get that gig itch again.

By the way, these beautiful photos were (of course) not taken by me, but by this very nice photographer who just happened to be stood in front of me.

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Little Newman said...

These guys look lovely and adorable, like I'd fall in love with them. I have a penchant for indie bands ;) so Imma have to check them out :)