Saturday, July 31, 2010

Goodbye July

I've been having a tough week. And it all started on Monday when I was given too much information. It's no one's fault. The person relaying the facts had no idea of the devastation he was about to cause.

We are fickle creatures. The second we get what we want we realise that it's not what we wanted at all.

I didn't want to be better than you. I wanted you to outshine me; to be prettier, skinnier, funnier, sweeter, kinder... Maybe then I could give up, call it a lost cause.

All is not lost. Dear God, I wish it were.

But I didn't come here to tell you that. I came to say that I'm gonna try. Try to fix all these knots that have crept up on me. I'm gonna pour myself into doing that so that I absolutely will not miss you.

I didn't mean to betray you though.

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