Sunday, July 04, 2010

Eclipse - The Review (WARNING: SPOILERS)

Yes, yet again we were front and centre (well, to the left) for the midnight showing. I gotta start out by admitting that Eclipse is my absolute favourite of the series. So I'm biased. But everyone is right. It is the best film of the three. For one key reason, but I'll get to that later.

Things I loved about Eclipse:

-Emmett is in it more. And he's totally HAWT.

- Jasper and Rosalie back story. - More Cullens just in general. I love the Cullens and have often felt like they've been sidelined in the films thus far. Eclipse rectifies this beautifully.
- More action. A lot more.
- Less cringe-worthy acting from Kristen Stewart (but still plenty from Taylor Lautner, alas)
- Bree! She's so cute! So sad when the Volturi kill her.
-Seth!!!!! He's so cute, wolf and human! I loved him in the books and they did him justice in the film! Yaysville!

Things I did not like about Eclipse:

- New Victoria. She. Sucks.

Harry Potter filmakers could really do with taking a leaf out of Twilight's book. Because the fans only really want one thing: stick to the book. Simples!

And Eclipse does this so perfectly. Even more so than Twilight and New Moon. Of course, there's the odd improvised line and a couple of scenes added to help the story along. But none of these embellishments encroach on the story itself (*ahem* like certain made-up scenes in corn fields in which characters homes get burnt down), in fact at times whole chunks of dialogue were lifted directly from the book! Bravo! This is exactly what the fans wanted and they will thank David Slade for this.

Otherwise, the film is visually stunning. The horror (mild) and action (epic) is handled with expert precision. The acting is vastly improved. The new characters (Riley, Bree, Seth and Leah) are well selected and introduced smoothly. There's more romance, more humour, more kicking ass, more wolves, more everyhthing. In fact, it makes New Moon look like a snooze fest in comparison.

My favourite scene? Well, when Edward hands Bella over to Jacob for their "playdate" I muttered to Danny, "Geez, put a shirt on" a split second before Edward bitterly muttered, "Doesn't he own a shirt?"


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Alee Pally said...

You forgot to mention - more Jasper, more Jasper and more Jasper!!!