Friday, July 09, 2010

7 Weeks

If I close my eyes really tight, sometimes it works.

*Closes eyes*

There's music somewhere in the distances, music and cheers. The air smells like clay and hot junk food and decadence and summer. The sun is beating down, making my hair shiny. There's a pack weighing down my shoulders and I'm greasy with suncream and thus smell faintly like a coconut.

Keep 'em closed!

But it's not just the sun and the music and the deliciously-bad-for-you-food. It's the tradition, the stabiliser that comes around every year without fail. It's the smile on my face, a real one! The swirl of happiness in my gut and the slew of memories in my minds' eye.

I'm happy. I'm relaxed. I'm giddy, childish, chilled, indulgent... the list goes on.

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