Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You Are The Kid On My Shoulders

"Hey Karen."
Earnestly: "Have a good day"
Our heroine feels her cold heart melt a little as she struggles for an answer to that. "I'm just gonna see how it goes. The key is-"
"-Keeping your expectations low."
The two smile, knowingly.

No, you're not hallucinating - I can haz paisley wellingtons! They were a lovely birthday pressie from Alee Pally who dropped them off disgustingly early this morning. I lurve them! I'm gonna look so cool at Leeds this year :D

Lucky little me has been playing with her new iGhost most of the day whilst feeling sorry for her fellow primarkers and being rather lazy to be honest. At tea we tucked into a delicious steak pie followed by a sumptuous apple pie - three guesses what my favourite food is?

In fact, the only thing that let me down today was the stupid Spanish squad. Honestly!

But indefinitely the most exciting part of my day was when I received this message from my good friend Kylie:

YES! It's FRANK onstage at the Manchester Cricket Ground! I squeed myself like crazy!

While I've been writing this my brother has proceeded to break all our washing lines. Shit.

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