Sunday, May 16, 2010

Triple Threat Month - Gig 2 - White Rabbits

I love the White Rabbits. I loved them before last night. Now I love them even more.

So this was my first gig at Night and Day in Manchester. Night and Day is just behind Afflecks, across the road from Forbidden Planet. It's an 18+ venue, so the crowd were considerably older. Like late 20s. But the staff were friendly, they sell Kopparberg and for a reasonable price (UBER WIN!).
I did find it annoying how people talked during the set. The band even made a sly dig when they thanked the people standing near the stage (a.k.a. the people who were listening, politely). But I would definitely go there again. But not alone. It's not an alone gig kind of place. I was very relieved I'd dragged Danny along with me.

So, White Rabbits. Well, they're very easy on the eyes, ears and tongue. Good looking boys. Slick, deliciously paced tunes. And lyrics that sound like the whisperings of punch drunk lovers. Yes, they have it all and I can't believe they're not on a bigger stage. I say, give it time, it shall happen.

Right now, I'm keepin my fingers crossed for a Leeds Fest appearance.

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