Saturday, May 15, 2010

Triple Threat Month - Gig 1 - Florence and the Machine

So May is Gig Month. And I'm not complaining. Florence and The Machine was a gig we planned way in advance so when it finally arrived it was kind of... a shock.

But a good kind. Like when you find a fiver in the pocket of those shorts you haven't worn since last summer. Result.

I LOVE the Empress Ballroom. Toni and I went to the most memorable White Stripes gig there. The place is absolutely beautiful. The bar is extensive (and all the staff are in suits!). But best of all, the floor moves. Seriously. When people jump, the floor is spring loaded underneath so you start to bounce up and down without even having to move yourself. And Florence was very into the pogo-ing.

I was ridiculously happy when Urky informed me that The Drums were supporting! I tried to get tickets to see them a few months ago but they sold out too quick. Needless to say, The Drums are an almost perfect support - fun, accesible, unfathomably cute and charming. The lead singer likes to dance and make friends and I'm fairly certain he made a couple thousand that night.

Did you know Florence Welch is only 22? You can tell when she speaks. Her voice is very girlish and sweet, a surprise in comparison to her powerful vocals (and they're just as good live). I wondered how she'd fair - only one album and an hour and a half to fill? But the setlist was good. An even scattering of singles amongst album tracks and new material. She had the audience in the palm of her hand because she was just so endearing. I'd expected she'd annoy me, but she comes across very sincere and nice. Weird, right?

She twirled and screamed and giggled and chatted and, before I knew it, an hour and a half had passed and she was bidding us adieu.

I'm always happy when my expectations are surpassed.

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