Saturday, May 08, 2010

Oh heaven help me

All my dreams have come true! Boys fighting! Boys pretending not to care! Jealous boys!

Oh, it's a romance writer's dream!

*Ahem* So I know I haven't mentioned it in a while, but I am battling to finish my list. It seems impossible right now, but slowly the numbers dwindle. Like I finished Emma this week (boy, oh boy was that one hell of a slog!) so I only have one Jane Austen novel left! As for the list, I do have one really big one left that I'm kind of... scared shitless about. So if you're around right now, expect me to be calling on you for some... help.

How mysterious!

Also, I VOTED! It was my first general election. I missed out on the last one by like a month and it was a huge deal when I was at college. So I felt very much left out. What I never understand is why they give you a pencil to make your X with. It makes me paranoid that they just erase my political opinion and force theirs upon me. Still, they'd need a lot of erasers. Maybe next time I'll sneak a pen in with me! Damn, I'm a rebel!

Of course the Lib Dems did piss poor this time. Yet it is still rather satisfying to observe Nick Clegg considering his options as both Labour and the Tories beg, plead and grovel for him to come to their party. It kind of makes me think of those high school films where the loser is remade as the King of the School.

And no thanks go to the well meaning idiot who said 'hey Karen, wanna go on the new final fantasy?' Oh yeah, that was a great idea! Did you know that a PS3 is £240?! I don't have that kind of cash to throw around. Especially not on something as painfully addictive as Final Fantasy! Nope, I'm going FF cold turkey! No more for me!


Br. Steve said...

Isn't "manditory" misspelled?

silverpistola said...

Yes. I'm afraid I was trying for irony. But I was only seventeen at the time.