Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Voted For Kat Stratford

Okay, so feel free to skip this post.

The truth is, I'm more than a little bit heartbroken right now. I know that's stupid and pathetic and you're all thinking badly of me as you read this. But I really, really loved 10 Things. I never expected to, but I was hooked by the second episode. Hooked on Katrick.

Hell, they got them back together so perfectly. Instead of him begging her not to leave or making some stupid declaration, which would have been so out of character, in the end he was just there.

The finale made me cry. More than once.

Thank you 10 Things. You've made my Tuesdays something to look forward to. You've distracted me. You've made me laugh. You've made me scream. You know the truth? These are feelings of love (insider joke).

And just for you, a list.

Top 10 10 Things Moments:

10. The French Film Make-Out Prep (Episode 17)

9. Give It Time (Episode 16)

8. "You're Obsessed With Me" (Episode 4)

7. Patrick Climbs Through The Window (Episode 7)

6. Kat and Bianca's sisterly bonding (Episode 8)

5. The Sexy Garage Scene (a.k.a. Mr Darcy in the Lake) (Episode 5)

4. The motorcycle getaway (Episode 10)


2. Kat and Cameron rap (Episode 20)

1. THAT kiss (Episode 7)


Earth Girl said...

I can totaly sympathise. I was heart broken when Roswell finished.

I never watched 10 things but will keep a look out for it.

Anonymous said...

I hate it, that 10 things I hate about you is over now =(
I love Katrick so much! <3