Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things That Get Me Through The Week

5. That Friday Feeling! - Those moments when 4:30 rolls around on a Friday afternoon - priceless! Everyone is happy, wishing each other great weekends and rushing off to fulfil their plans. If it's a payday - even better!

4. Sunny Days - So we had excellent weather here this weekend. Spring is my absolute favourite time of year whether it's cloudy, rainy or sunny. But when the sun shines, Springs' true beauty is evident all around you. Everything is green, the air smells good, the world is just happier in general.

3. Customer Services Boy - Sa-woon! He comes down to disperse lost t-shirts to their homes in our department. His eyes are the most perfect cornflower blue and his hair is a mop of sumptuous dark curls. Dear Lord, the hotness...

2. New Music - I'm loving this band called White Rabbits right now. Their debut album (It's Frightening) is ridiculously good. I also got another Ed Harcourt album and, of course, that was amazing too! Kirsty and I are off to the city this weekend and I'm determined to only spend money on music.

1. KATRICK! - So I'm addicted to 10 Things I Hate About You the series. I'm not bothering to try and convert anyone else anymore. I'm more than happy to keep this:

all to myself. God, he is like a work of art! Tuesdays are officially 10 Things night now so if you call me, don't expect to get an answer.

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