Sunday, April 11, 2010

Percussion Gun

You're pulling me under,
Killing my buzz.
I'm supposed to be wasted,
I can't talk about us.
I recognise the signs,
I'm biting my lip,
You're playing the game,
Shooting straight for the hip.
Speak her name,
I jump, I Goddamn leap,
To the wrong conclusion
Only to crumple in a heap.
I'm not fifteen anymore,
I'm just acting like it,
I'm happy, I'm dizzy,
I'm a fucking hit!
I don't need your kindness.
But you're offering it somehow
And when you smile,
Like you did just now,
I want to take it,
Drain every last drop.

I'm falling for you,
And dammnit, I can't stop.

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