Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Thinkin Of You

Can you spot your theme tune on my list?

I even put on tunes for my most loathed enemies, cause I'm just that thoughtful.

Oh wait! I see my theme tune, right down at the bottom...


flowery mug said...

I can't because spotify killed my computer last time.. I think.. So I no longer have it..
Boooooo.. Can't see my theme tune?!

augusta_avenue said...

doth my eye deceive me or do I have two? I know the Bright Eyes tune is unmistakably mine.

And I happen to love that song. So cheers.

augusta_avenue said...

Oh and by the way, with the addition of Mystery Jets to the line-up, I'm now beating you 6-4. You better get praying for a musical miracle.