Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"I'm Not Trying To Be Bossy" - I'm Just Helping You Out

Got up at 5:50 am.

Ate breakfast whilst watching Ace of Cakes.


Set out into the oddly serene morning.

Am loving the new Laura Marling album, with or without my new Skullcandys.

At the station by 7:15.

In Manchester by 8.

Found, to my delight, Customer Services Boy works in the mornings. Bliss.

Dole out those tees customer services hottie!

Que gut-wrenching back pains. My day has suddenly got a lot harder.

Bye morning shift. It's 12:30 already.

The store is packed. On a Tuesday.

I take my lunch at 2. I'm dying.

I get pulled on tills. There's almost a riot when a foreign lady jumps the queue and gets served by Paul. Ooops.

Its 5:25. Fuck you Primark, I'm outta here.

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