Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Oh happy day! Today is the first day of my new iPod's life!

Yes, the time had come. My 30gb iPod was full about two months ago. A new iPod has been top of my to buy list for a while now, but this forced it to become a necessity.

I don't like the silver iPod classics. An iPod should be white. But black will do.

All this being said, I cannot express how much I love iPods. I bought my first one when I first started Uni almost 4 years ago. And I've worked it like a slave. I've dropped it and abused it. It's been tossed around in my backpack. And it's still going strong. I can't think of a better testament to how reliable the iPod is. Now mine will be handed down to my brother.

I've been a real iPod evangelist. After I'd got mine a lot of people I know followed. Including my Dad!

I'm also a believer in everything having a name. With one look, sometimes, you just know the right name. Everyone say hello to Cecil :) my new partner in life.

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