Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going To A Convention

It's official! I'm going to the MCM Expo in London on the 29th of May with Skinny. A whole day of anime, anime, anime and maybe some gaming! What am I gonna wear? I'm not cosplaying (it's too short notice to get something sorted) so I have to display my allegiances in my outfit.

And they're trying to break the world record of most people simultaneously playing a DS! I'm sooooooo there!

A convention is on the list and when I first put it down I thought it would be one of the ones I never actually did. I'm so happy that I'm wrong.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Blogoversary To Me!

Yep, five years ago today I got sick of the sea of negativity that was my old livejournal and a new era of blogging was born.

So time for a moment of honesty - I've been neglecting you lately. With my blogoversary coming up I've been thinking about my blog all weekend (*insert comment about having no life here*). And I'm ready to make a big shake up. Yep, keep your eyes on this spot. Change is afoot my lovelies.

Can I tell you about my Monday? I realise I bore you all with my job a lot. But it's a big deal for me since it takes up a significant slice of my life and is the priority of my existence right now.

Today I realised the true value of acceptance. I didn't really tell anyone, but I spent four months in abject misery on my old dept. I felt ignored and invisible. The only person who ever really talked to me was Dorotha (and for that I will always be eternally grateful). It was enough to have me close to tears some nights as I caught the train home and smiled and lied to my parents about just how stellar things were going at work.

Now I have friends. I come into work and people smile at me. They want to know how my weekend was. We chat in the work lulls. Everyone is so ridiculously nice to me. Today the girls waited for me so we could all clock off together. And it was the moment when I truly felt accepted and realised that right now... I'm happy.

My life isn't the way I expected it to be. And there are still some things missing. I miss my friends ridiculously. I still haven't mastered going to bed before 1am. And I'm far too indulgent and silly with my cash. Plus it might be nice to find someone to share this happiness with.

But I'm happy. And that's enough for me right now. It's all gravy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Wednesdays are so blah. For me, Wednesday is the last peaceful day at work. I can't explain why, but the store gets busier on a Thursday and then hits fever pitch on a Friday.

Wednesday is also the midpoint of the week. Which means I'm happy to get it over with so that my weekend is finally within reach...

Wednesday used to be the day I hung out with everyone. Magic Wednesdays! That seems like a lifetime ago now when I crawl home from work and all I want is a cup of tea and my bed.

So here is something to brighten up your Wednesday, no matter how blah or not it is: 1000 Awesome Things; my new favourite blog. If you don't like it too, there's definitely something wrong with you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Oh happy day! Today is the first day of my new iPod's life!

Yes, the time had come. My 30gb iPod was full about two months ago. A new iPod has been top of my to buy list for a while now, but this forced it to become a necessity.

I don't like the silver iPod classics. An iPod should be white. But black will do.

All this being said, I cannot express how much I love iPods. I bought my first one when I first started Uni almost 4 years ago. And I've worked it like a slave. I've dropped it and abused it. It's been tossed around in my backpack. And it's still going strong. I can't think of a better testament to how reliable the iPod is. Now mine will be handed down to my brother.

I've been a real iPod evangelist. After I'd got mine a lot of people I know followed. Including my Dad!

I'm also a believer in everything having a name. With one look, sometimes, you just know the right name. Everyone say hello to Cecil :) my new partner in life.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Reaction To...

The Glastonbury Line-Up

Last year I remember seething with envy of all those trendy fuckers making their way to Glasto. My brother included. We have a year-long discussion about our respective festivals (I've been a Leeds slut longer than he's been a Glasto gigolo though). But we always come to a sticking point - he says Glasto is better because it's not commercial, I say Leeds is better because it's music-centric.

I reccommended a ton of bands for Rob to see last year (top of the list being Frank Turner and Scott Matthews). He saw none. Well, none I told him to. I don't know what the fuck he was doing instead (or maybe I do *le sigh*) but count me out of any festival which isn't all about the music. I don't want any distractions - just 36 hours of constant live music across three days (and some decent weather maybe?)

So I find myself a little smug as I peruse the Glasto line-up. Yes, Frank is playing, but they've stuck him on a shitty little stage early on and he's not even taking the band (no Tarrant!?). And Archie Bronson are playing, but I've already seen them this year. Yes, Laura Marling and Beach House, Muse and Seasick Steve...

But look at all that shit! Snoop Dog! Scissor Sisters! Jack Johnson! Shit, shit, shit. It's like eating a prime rib with a tin of 12p beans.

Patchy. And that's being kind.

Nope, I'm happy to say I'm going to the right festy for me this year. Even if the stupid fuckers have put Mystery Jets on FRANK FRIDAY. I'll get over it, I'm sure.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things That Get Me Through The Week

5. That Friday Feeling! - Those moments when 4:30 rolls around on a Friday afternoon - priceless! Everyone is happy, wishing each other great weekends and rushing off to fulfil their plans. If it's a payday - even better!

4. Sunny Days - So we had excellent weather here this weekend. Spring is my absolute favourite time of year whether it's cloudy, rainy or sunny. But when the sun shines, Springs' true beauty is evident all around you. Everything is green, the air smells good, the world is just happier in general.

3. Customer Services Boy - Sa-woon! He comes down to disperse lost t-shirts to their homes in our department. His eyes are the most perfect cornflower blue and his hair is a mop of sumptuous dark curls. Dear Lord, the hotness...

2. New Music - I'm loving this band called White Rabbits right now. Their debut album (It's Frightening) is ridiculously good. I also got another Ed Harcourt album and, of course, that was amazing too! Kirsty and I are off to the city this weekend and I'm determined to only spend money on music.

1. KATRICK! - So I'm addicted to 10 Things I Hate About You the series. I'm not bothering to try and convert anyone else anymore. I'm more than happy to keep this:

all to myself. God, he is like a work of art! Tuesdays are officially 10 Things night now so if you call me, don't expect to get an answer.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Thinkin Of You

Can you spot your theme tune on my list?

I even put on tunes for my most loathed enemies, cause I'm just that thoughtful.

Oh wait! I see my theme tune, right down at the bottom...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Percussion Gun

You're pulling me under,
Killing my buzz.
I'm supposed to be wasted,
I can't talk about us.
I recognise the signs,
I'm biting my lip,
You're playing the game,
Shooting straight for the hip.
Speak her name,
I jump, I Goddamn leap,
To the wrong conclusion
Only to crumple in a heap.
I'm not fifteen anymore,
I'm just acting like it,
I'm happy, I'm dizzy,
I'm a fucking hit!
I don't need your kindness.
But you're offering it somehow
And when you smile,
Like you did just now,
I want to take it,
Drain every last drop.

I'm falling for you,
And dammnit, I can't stop.
The things you discover on twitter.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


When my Skullcandy lowriders broke last week, I was a tad heartbroken. They've been with me since I started Primark, blocking out the buzz of people and sealing in my favourite tunes. They had become an extension of my body and I had no hesitation in ordering a new pair immediately.

Aren't they smexy??? I got black ones this time to match the black ipod I'm getting next month.

I can't go back to earbuds. The sound is just too poor. The music is tinny and the bass is just nonexistent. Skullcandy have ruined me forever!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"I'm Not Trying To Be Bossy" - I'm Just Helping You Out

Got up at 5:50 am.

Ate breakfast whilst watching Ace of Cakes.


Set out into the oddly serene morning.

Am loving the new Laura Marling album, with or without my new Skullcandys.

At the station by 7:15.

In Manchester by 8.

Found, to my delight, Customer Services Boy works in the mornings. Bliss.

Dole out those tees customer services hottie!

Que gut-wrenching back pains. My day has suddenly got a lot harder.

Bye morning shift. It's 12:30 already.

The store is packed. On a Tuesday.

I take my lunch at 2. I'm dying.

I get pulled on tills. There's almost a riot when a foreign lady jumps the queue and gets served by Paul. Ooops.

Its 5:25. Fuck you Primark, I'm outta here.