Monday, March 01, 2010

Yum Yum, Yum

So I've tried to start this post a few times. The trip to London was a birthday surprise for Kirsty to make up for my total lack of effort when she turned 21. There's something disconcerting for a Manchester girl like me about going down south. But there are some things I ADORE about London. For example, the Underground.

And Camden! I love Camden and cannot visit London without going there. I always find a couple of good CDs while I'm there (there's this vinyl place I LOVE). And we had the most delicious indian food there. Mmmmmm.

And the delicious food! Vic took us to a HUGE food market (like I mentioned previously) where some of us nomed up a storm!
And I feel no shame in doing touristy things in London. The London Eye was well worth the dosh, just a nice, relaxing experience really. I recommend it.
You know, it was a really fun day. Tiring, but fun. I may have my southern prejudices, but even I cannot resist some of London's charms.

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