Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Tiny Spark

So I guess Nablopomo is out the window, huh? Perhaps April is a better month to do it anyway. I've got less going on in April (translation: nothing) and it's my blogoversary (6 years!). Still, I'm making no promises yet.

The playsuit mystery is solved! Toni was kind enough to give me an expert (seriously, I was impressed) description of the variations of playsuits. Then, yesterday, I was in the stockroom and I recognised one! It was blue, kind of a hoodie sort of material and reached just below the knee. I can't say I liked it. But I've learned something new. Who knows, maybe one day I might just qualify as a fully fledged girl.

My most exciting news is: I'M GOING SEEING PONYO! Yes, I thought I'd missed out due to my illness a couple of weeks back and London last weekend. But, God Bless Odeon cinemas, it's showing tomorrow morning in Manchester. I am so there.
You have to see a Miyazaki at the cinema to fully appreciate just how unique and breathtaking his style of animation is. Spirited Away remains one of the greatest film experiences I've ever had. Howl's Moving Castle is pretty high on my list too. Miyazaki always picks a great story too. Whether he writes it himself or adapts a book... it's always heart-warming. I can't wait :)

Brendan Benson was on Thursday. I was outside the union nice and early and we were rewarded with a lovely place leaning against the stage :) Of course, Toni didn't seem to enjoy this as much as myself but she did stay put to her credit.

After Hadouken (hmm, did I post about that? I'm so confused!) Brendan Benson was exactly the kind of gig I needed. It was just honest, you know? Old fashioned. No messing around with setting up or ridiculous amounts of supports. 1 support on for half an hour and then the main act.

I remembered just how much I love Brendan's music. It's just no nonsense, consistently good tune-age. Sure, I was disappointed by the Raconteurs (weren't you?) but Brendan is good. I guess that's why I was disappointed with the Raconteurs - it had all the ingredients to be fantastic.

The gig was good and it settled an uneasiness that's been making me jittery for a while.


flowery mug said...

I have a playsuit!! But I'm getting rid!
And I don;t think you did a Blogdouken!??
Whayyyyy! :) XX

augusta_avenue said...

how was the setlist? I saw the Raconteurs live... it just didn't do it for me. But you're right, it should have been fucking epic.

such a waste.