Sunday, March 28, 2010

That Time Already?


So, tomorrow is Leeds Line-Up day. And no, unlike Cal, I do not think it crept up on us. I think I've been counting the bloody minutes!

Every year (for three years???) Cal and I have a contest to see who can guess the most acts on the Leeds/Reading Line-Up. I'm Leeds, he's Reading (hmph), I'm all about the smaller stages, he's all about the crowds with the most skinny jeans.

Things got a little more... complicated this year. So we set a couple of new rules:

1. Neither of us is allowed to guess a potential headliner (since the rumours, Arcade Fire, Blink 182 and Guns 'n' Roses in case you didn't know, make it way too easy).
2. Instead of guessing acts we want to see (but are totally unrealistic), we both get a Bonus Band and if they (by some miracle) make it onto the line-up that's worth three extra points.

Both Cal and I strongly felt that Two Door Cinema Club and You Me At Six would be on the line-up, therefore neither of us can have them on our list.

Bored yet? Well, let us commence!

My ten bands predicted to be on the Leeds/Reading '10 bill (across stages):

1. Paramore (oh, I'm feeling confident about this one)
2. Mumford and Sons
3. Frank Turner (say what you fucking will! he's playing every other bloody festival this summer!)
4. Blood Red Shoes
5. We Are Scientists (this one is risky, there've been no rumours about them)
6. Vampire Weekend
7. Hadouken! (fuck yeah!)
8. General Fiasco (or White Rabbits. or both)
9. 30 Seconds To Mars
10. Florence and the Machine


Bonus Band: Laura Marling

Cal's ten bands predicted to be on the Leeds/Reading '10 bill (across stages):

1. Delphic
2. Cobra Starship
3. Cribs
4. Julian Casablancas
5. Swellers
7. Foals
8. Gorillaz
9. Kids In Glass Houses
10. Temper Trap

Bonus Band: Mystery Jets

Last year was a tie! So it's all to play for.

Did anyone else see this fake line-up poster? It's a line-up I'd be quite happy with, personally. I mean Frank is on the main stage. But, Greenday have been confirmed as impossible headliners since they have tour dates in the US over Leeds. Still, I'd love to see Weezer at Leeds! Can you imagine?

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