Monday, March 29, 2010


So I heard Frank Turner was playing Leeds..... and then everything else was drowned out by my screaming.

Frank never lets us down.

And I'm winning. Narrowly. But winning nonetheless. And Cal is kicking himself for not ignoring me and putting The Libertines on his list, heh heh heh.

And Weezer! Holy shit! That's amazing! Who the hell wouldn't want to see Weezer?!

I say it every year, but my festival is announced in the next couple of months. I'm all about the Festival Republic Stage and the smaller acts on the NME stage. But, saying that, I think it's a good line-up this year. Much better than last. Headliners on the NME Stage (Pendulum, LCD Soundsystem and Klaxxons) are a bit shit though. I mean, Klaxxons only have one album! How are they headliners?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

That Time Already?


So, tomorrow is Leeds Line-Up day. And no, unlike Cal, I do not think it crept up on us. I think I've been counting the bloody minutes!

Every year (for three years???) Cal and I have a contest to see who can guess the most acts on the Leeds/Reading Line-Up. I'm Leeds, he's Reading (hmph), I'm all about the smaller stages, he's all about the crowds with the most skinny jeans.

Things got a little more... complicated this year. So we set a couple of new rules:

1. Neither of us is allowed to guess a potential headliner (since the rumours, Arcade Fire, Blink 182 and Guns 'n' Roses in case you didn't know, make it way too easy).
2. Instead of guessing acts we want to see (but are totally unrealistic), we both get a Bonus Band and if they (by some miracle) make it onto the line-up that's worth three extra points.

Both Cal and I strongly felt that Two Door Cinema Club and You Me At Six would be on the line-up, therefore neither of us can have them on our list.

Bored yet? Well, let us commence!

My ten bands predicted to be on the Leeds/Reading '10 bill (across stages):

1. Paramore (oh, I'm feeling confident about this one)
2. Mumford and Sons
3. Frank Turner (say what you fucking will! he's playing every other bloody festival this summer!)
4. Blood Red Shoes
5. We Are Scientists (this one is risky, there've been no rumours about them)
6. Vampire Weekend
7. Hadouken! (fuck yeah!)
8. General Fiasco (or White Rabbits. or both)
9. 30 Seconds To Mars
10. Florence and the Machine


Bonus Band: Laura Marling

Cal's ten bands predicted to be on the Leeds/Reading '10 bill (across stages):

1. Delphic
2. Cobra Starship
3. Cribs
4. Julian Casablancas
5. Swellers
7. Foals
8. Gorillaz
9. Kids In Glass Houses
10. Temper Trap

Bonus Band: Mystery Jets

Last year was a tie! So it's all to play for.

Did anyone else see this fake line-up poster? It's a line-up I'd be quite happy with, personally. I mean Frank is on the main stage. But, Greenday have been confirmed as impossible headliners since they have tour dates in the US over Leeds. Still, I'd love to see Weezer at Leeds! Can you imagine?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

You Only Turn 20 Once

So, maybe we all drank a little too much since I got my photos up on the laptop and... pretty much 25% were blurry. This happens when you don't take the time to focus the shot. And it's no coincidence that most of the blurry ones were towards the end of the night.

Since Toni put some truly dreadful photos of me on her blog (thanks for that), I decided to break convention by posting the worst of my photos. Enjoy peeps!

(Click For EVIL ^^^^^)
Oh hell, I truly ABHORE this photo. What was I thinking?
And to my dear friend Dan, of course you shall get a disc of the good ones ;)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We Make Plans For Everything

Life seems to speed up when Vic comes home. She's very good at setting things in motion. And Dan is always happy to spend as much time doing pretty much anything with the group.

But there's always one thing that we plan to do that never gets fulfilled.

This week is my week off as you may have noticed, ahem, from my Twitter. And I have plans. But I'm also happy to not have plans. To do a little bit of nothing. I don't mean to sound self-pitying, but I don't have a lot of time to do nothing these days.

I'm on the move a lot. I get home (on the nights when I'm not going straight to the stadium) and there's everything to do: my washing, my blogging, my hair, a phonecall or two... I'm happier than I've been in years. I'm useful, I'm busy and I'm rich (not really!). But I miss the lie-ins, the long afternoons spent outside with my rabbit or inside watching films or on the wii.

I think a week of nothing will do me a lot of good :)

That being said, the commute is something I'll miss this week. I get a lot of writing and reading done en route (I've just started a Bill Bryson which has me tittering away to myself on the train). The ridiculous thing is, I'll probably still end up going into Manchester three or four times! I just can't keep away!

Thursday, March 18, 2010






Man, does life get any sweeter?

Monday, March 15, 2010

(Wo)Man Flu

I've been struck down! On this most sacred of weeks - FRANK-T-FEST-T!

So I'm being good and trying to get better. I'll be better for Wednesday, right? Women tend to fight off colds quicker than men.

I was chilling in Stoke-On-Trent's Pumpkin for nigh on three hours on Thursday morning. Which gave me just enough time to finish Persuasion. Which, as my last post may have hinted at, gave me a lot to think about too.


Okay, so I was initially unfair to Persuasion. I realise now that the slow, dull start was completely necessary. And I can see the attraction to Captain Wentworth - he has that fiery, passionate temperament that plenty of women go weak at the knees for. But I stand by my earlier opinions. I still find a Henry Tilney completely preferable to a Captain Wentworth.

Which is not to say I didn't enjoy Persuasion. I really did. It was a lot funnier than I expected and my sympathy for Anne was, at times, overwhelming. Jane Austen continues to impress me with her excellent understanding of the nature of people in general. And her tidy endings - something I have yet to master.

Next up is Emma. I'm really rocking this one!

Papillons Stalemate

I relive that night. Over and over.

It haunts my sleeping hours. Such gentle caresses turned quickly to claws tearing at my flesh.

And you are changed. You do not - cannot! - love me now. You, so open, so tender; as vulnerable as I had ever seen you. And I, so crippled by unfathomable fear.

I write us a new ending. Over and over.

But the wrong cannot be written away in this miserable reality we endure now. You're with me in body, but the soul, the soul I was so privileged to hold some claim to... you snatched it back, out of sight.

I cannot have you if I will not offer up myself in return.

So we reach a stalemate - not retreating, nor advancing. To retreat is to lose every piece of you, which I, selfishly, cannot bear. But isn't it time to admit defeat?

No. With the stalemate you invoke your right to punish me with your unerring goodness.

Thursday, March 11, 2010



Now I'm more hmmm.

So, first thoughts: it's all about the love triangle. Which is a big part of Eclipse, yeah. But where's my new wolves? Or the huge fight scene? Or the new borns? Or the REST OF THE CULLENS?

But still, it's only the first trailer. Things will get better. Right? RIGHT?

Eclipse is my absolute favourite of the books. I can read it any day of the week. It has the best story, the best romance and the best fight scene. All in all, it's as close to perfection as Ms. Meyer got so far. So it's the film I'm most excited about. But the choice of directors (Slade?! The dude who made Hard Candy?!) has me worried.

Any thoughts? By the way, I did have something to actually blog about. But this has eclipsed all other news, so you'll just have to wait.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pity Me

For loving a bunch of good for nothing, stupid boys! Except you Lucas. I still love you.

My work week is dragging it's heels like the poor Liverpool fans were last night. Never have the hours passed so slowly. But today I got the excellent news that all the days I requested off have been granted aka I have next wednesday (now known as FRANK-T-FEST-T) off and then a whole week off at the end of march.

Tomorrow I am off to Fork- ahem - Stoke to see Sahreal at the Sugarmill with little miss Skinny. Hopefully that goes a little better than last nights' shambles.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Ponyo Wants Ham!

The four of us came out of the cinema with a major craving for ham sandwiches. I magicked up a collossal ham baguette. It was epic. Thanks Ponyo!

But I have not mastered the art of concealing tears in the cinema. I couldn't help it! The film was
too damn cute! I loved every minute of it!

Ponyo loves Sosuke! And I love Ponyo <3

Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Tiny Spark

So I guess Nablopomo is out the window, huh? Perhaps April is a better month to do it anyway. I've got less going on in April (translation: nothing) and it's my blogoversary (6 years!). Still, I'm making no promises yet.

The playsuit mystery is solved! Toni was kind enough to give me an expert (seriously, I was impressed) description of the variations of playsuits. Then, yesterday, I was in the stockroom and I recognised one! It was blue, kind of a hoodie sort of material and reached just below the knee. I can't say I liked it. But I've learned something new. Who knows, maybe one day I might just qualify as a fully fledged girl.

My most exciting news is: I'M GOING SEEING PONYO! Yes, I thought I'd missed out due to my illness a couple of weeks back and London last weekend. But, God Bless Odeon cinemas, it's showing tomorrow morning in Manchester. I am so there.
You have to see a Miyazaki at the cinema to fully appreciate just how unique and breathtaking his style of animation is. Spirited Away remains one of the greatest film experiences I've ever had. Howl's Moving Castle is pretty high on my list too. Miyazaki always picks a great story too. Whether he writes it himself or adapts a book... it's always heart-warming. I can't wait :)

Brendan Benson was on Thursday. I was outside the union nice and early and we were rewarded with a lovely place leaning against the stage :) Of course, Toni didn't seem to enjoy this as much as myself but she did stay put to her credit.

After Hadouken (hmm, did I post about that? I'm so confused!) Brendan Benson was exactly the kind of gig I needed. It was just honest, you know? Old fashioned. No messing around with setting up or ridiculous amounts of supports. 1 support on for half an hour and then the main act.

I remembered just how much I love Brendan's music. It's just no nonsense, consistently good tune-age. Sure, I was disappointed by the Raconteurs (weren't you?) but Brendan is good. I guess that's why I was disappointed with the Raconteurs - it had all the ingredients to be fantastic.

The gig was good and it settled an uneasiness that's been making me jittery for a while.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dazed And Confused

Another playsuit query today. Two in two days. I had to admit I had no idea what one was. The girl seemed a little bemused.

So, I have a confession to make. I'm struggling with Persuasion. I started it nearly three weeks ago. And I've not got very far. Poor Anne isn't even in Bath yet. I took a different book to London. I've been reading said book all week on the train. I know that Persuasion will pick up pace if I just pick it up and give it another go. And I will eventually. I hope.

This is Ed Harcourt. I'm a teensy bit in love with him. On a whim, I bought this CD off a stall in Camden. I'd only heard of him before since he composed the score for s.Darko (it's breathtaking, much better than the film itself). So I took a punt. And it paid off beautifully.

Tomorrow is Brendan Benson (um, finally) and I'm very excited!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

When The Money Comes

I've been thinking that maybe March should be my Nablopomo month. Just a thought, not a promise. We'll see how this week goes. I really missed you guys last month - I guess I need this little offload sesh more than I think.

So my last two days at work have been heavenly. It's kind of ridiculous really. I've been given my own section. It's temporary since we're understaffed. But I go in, I stock, I tidy and the hours fly by. Before I know it, it's 4:30 and my manager is waving me goodbye. Silly really how happy something so little can make you. But still :)

Question: has anyone ever clicked that NEXT BLOGG >>>> button up at the top of the screen? Try it on your own, you may find a really cool blog.

Another question: what is a playsuit? Do you know? Please comment if you do. I know I could just google it, but I kinda wanna know if it's just me who is devoid of this information. A girl asked me at work today. Automatically my mind was just a little bit in the gutter. Perhaps Alee should do a post devoted to lingerie masquerading as playsuits?

Finally, last night I watched the live premiere of the new OK Go video with the live feed of Damian answering questions. The whole thing was hilarious, especially watching Damian try to read the rapidly scrolling live chat and avoid questions about his love life.

The video is incredible. Well worth 3 minutes of anyone's life. Man, I love these dudes.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Yum Yum, Yum

So I've tried to start this post a few times. The trip to London was a birthday surprise for Kirsty to make up for my total lack of effort when she turned 21. There's something disconcerting for a Manchester girl like me about going down south. But there are some things I ADORE about London. For example, the Underground.

And Camden! I love Camden and cannot visit London without going there. I always find a couple of good CDs while I'm there (there's this vinyl place I LOVE). And we had the most delicious indian food there. Mmmmmm.

And the delicious food! Vic took us to a HUGE food market (like I mentioned previously) where some of us nomed up a storm!
And I feel no shame in doing touristy things in London. The London Eye was well worth the dosh, just a nice, relaxing experience really. I recommend it.
You know, it was a really fun day. Tiring, but fun. I may have my southern prejudices, but even I cannot resist some of London's charms.