Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie! *Twirl* JIM.

Now you have learned my new dance. Be sure to jump each time you squeal Jamie. Apparently the twirl is what makes it.

I'm not sure if I have no time to blog (likely) or I have nothing to blog about (hmm, I don' think that's it) or that I just love tweeting instead (very possibly). But where else can you see Frank Turner's live commentary on the Grammys? It was, needless to say, hilarious. Even my Mother was laughing.

I was falling asleep and Mike was half dragging me to the train station. When I saw two of my colleagues from the Primark. They were arm in arm. And when they saw me they smiled and greeted me as if we were old friends. They were literally overflowing with happiness. I know you probably don't care. But it was such a nice moment, seeing them, the way their arms were linked and he had her bag slung over his shoulder. Cause that's what it's really all about. Not the sex or the presents or the PDA. Love is someone who will carry your bag for you.

Two really good upcoming bands for you to check out - General Fiasco and Two Door Cinema Club.

Oh, and I've nearly finished Northanger Abbey! I must admit that Skinny was totally right, the book is hilarious and I fail to see how I'm gonna enjoy any of the remaining three more than I've enjoyed this one. I'll give you my thoughts once I'm done.

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cath_skinny said...

See! I rock! No, in all seriousness though I do adore that book.

You ok? I miss you lots and lots. Oh, and if you did want to go to that gig in March you are perfectly welcome to stay here. I get back from visiting Marky in Aberystwith on the 6th. Just let me know.

See you on Wednesday.

Love you lots xxx