Monday, February 08, 2010


I've been in this ridiculously good mood all day. And I honestly cannot for the life of me explain it. I feel so full, with love and happiness that I'm just waiting to bestow. Honestly, this post has no real point but to prattle on about how happy I am.

I'm happy. You've contributed to that. Yep, you, sitting across from your screen reading this right now. If I could I'd reach through the screen and hug you. Or maybe not cause that might be all creepy and Samara from the Ring-esque. So maybe you should just give yourself a hug. From me.

You know, even my stupid means to an end job can't ruin my mood! I feel like I've overdosed on the magic mushrooms and I'm floating away to wonderland where Frank Turner will serenade me and Lucas Leiva will carry me on his back as we wander through eden.

Mwah xxx

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Little Newman said...

Thankyou (once again!) for your congratulations :D

It wasn't so bad in the end- it's cash in hand =D =D =D

And argh, uni applications!!!
I'm really scared of them =S

Plus, I love the fabulous happy feeling. I get that sometimes, it's like the whole world loves you, no matter how dull the day.
I hope it continues (/continued) :D