Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blogging From An Internet Cafe

I have witnesses!

This was one of the things on my 52 Things list :) We came to get a brew in London (near London Bridge, we've just been to a huge food market where I had the best brownie I've ever eaten) and just happened to be in an internet cafe!

London is rather damp. But Camden market was awesome and we ate some delicious indian food and I went into the ELECTRIC BALLROOM!!!

In a minute it's back on the tube and to Westminster to go on the London Eye and get Kirsty something to eat (that girl is so picky!).

So it is done. Love y'all and I'll be back to regular blogging by Monday, I promise.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Henry Tilney

Us bloggers have a tendency for whining. In fact so many blogs are just one long, exhausting moan. I wish bloggers would realise that three lines into a huge moan, most people stop reading. Unless the blogger is pregnant. A pregnancy moan/rant is downright entertaining as far as I'm concerned.

The temptation to moan in this space sometimes overwhelms me. But what do you care? So lets just sidestep the landmine and move on.

Moving on.

Isn't it cool/annoying how you can really dislike a band someone recommends, but then you keep listening to them because they remind you of that person. Suddenly you love The Shins/The Cure/The Academy Is and you're not sure quite how it happened. Damn them.

Alas it is half term. I'm sincerely trying to remember how much fun I used to have during half term in order to keep myself from resenting the kids/teenagers running riot in Primark. But no moaning, remember? It's only a week, it'll pass quickly enough.

The new series of Skins is surpassing my expectations. The first episode was a bit naff, but the two since (Naomi and Cook) have been pretty decent. I know a lot of people would disagree, but I think I prefer the second generation of Skins characters.

And I finished Northanger Abbey! On Sunday actually.


So I was only thirty pages or so away from the ending and expecting a nice, tidy happily ever after between Catherine and darling Henry when suddenly she's kicked out of the Abbey! I then hastened through the next thirty pages, desperate for my happy ending. I couldn't believe the General kicked her out because she wasn't rich! I knew stupid Thorpe had to be involved too! Grr!

No deep meditation followed me finishing Northanger Abbey. But I did find Henry Tilney to be exactly my kind of knight in shining armour. Subtly handsome, smart, funny and kind. His dialogue had me in giggling fits on the train.

I think sometimes we deceive ourselves into believing that we want big, flowery declarations of love complete with poetry and comparing thee to a summer's day. And don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a nice declaration occasionally. But for the long-term we all really want a Henry. Dependable, sensible, hard-working and just good.

Yet another addition to my favourite fictional men.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

You've Chosen Not To Live Without Her

"Why're you doing this to me?" he leaned in to say
Like lovesick teens, getting carried away.
It's all blueberry muffins and secret smiles
And dancing down the supermarket aisles.
My sleep is sound, my skin's aglow,
You're at the door, your hair full of snow.
You're a comet lighting up my sky,
But what burns bright must one day die.

(Happy Valentines)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie! *Twirl* JIM.

Now you have learned my new dance. Be sure to jump each time you squeal Jamie. Apparently the twirl is what makes it.

I'm not sure if I have no time to blog (likely) or I have nothing to blog about (hmm, I don' think that's it) or that I just love tweeting instead (very possibly). But where else can you see Frank Turner's live commentary on the Grammys? It was, needless to say, hilarious. Even my Mother was laughing.

I was falling asleep and Mike was half dragging me to the train station. When I saw two of my colleagues from the Primark. They were arm in arm. And when they saw me they smiled and greeted me as if we were old friends. They were literally overflowing with happiness. I know you probably don't care. But it was such a nice moment, seeing them, the way their arms were linked and he had her bag slung over his shoulder. Cause that's what it's really all about. Not the sex or the presents or the PDA. Love is someone who will carry your bag for you.

Two really good upcoming bands for you to check out - General Fiasco and Two Door Cinema Club.

Oh, and I've nearly finished Northanger Abbey! I must admit that Skinny was totally right, the book is hilarious and I fail to see how I'm gonna enjoy any of the remaining three more than I've enjoyed this one. I'll give you my thoughts once I'm done.

Monday, February 08, 2010


I've been in this ridiculously good mood all day. And I honestly cannot for the life of me explain it. I feel so full, with love and happiness that I'm just waiting to bestow. Honestly, this post has no real point but to prattle on about how happy I am.

I'm happy. You've contributed to that. Yep, you, sitting across from your screen reading this right now. If I could I'd reach through the screen and hug you. Or maybe not cause that might be all creepy and Samara from the Ring-esque. So maybe you should just give yourself a hug. From me.

You know, even my stupid means to an end job can't ruin my mood! I feel like I've overdosed on the magic mushrooms and I'm floating away to wonderland where Frank Turner will serenade me and Lucas Leiva will carry me on his back as we wander through eden.

Mwah xxx

Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Almost Girl

So I finished Sense and Sensibility (oh, did I mention this is on my "52 Things To Do While I'm 21" list? Number 49 - Read all six of Jane Austen's novels) and it gave me a lot to ponder. I did enjoy it, don't get me wrong. But I can't stop thinking about the ending.


So Elinor ends up marrying Edward. This is all good and well. I liked Elinor's character immensely - she really was my kind of heroine. But it was Marianne's "happily ever after" with Colonel Brandon that left me so unsatisfied. Because she didn't want him. Not really. He was just a convenient, fortunately kind and rich alternative. She wanted Willoughby. Who was a jackass, yeah, yeah, but what difference does that make?

What happens to all those almost girls? The girls who came so close to securing a guy, only to just lose out. Or opt out. Is it regret that taints the rest of their years? Or relief? Can anyone ever truly compare to the one who got away? Or the one that you released? It's not right to keep someone who you don't really love, just for the sake of no one else having them. But love or no love, I can't bear to imagine what it's like when someone else does have them.

The more I learn about love, the more it terrifies me. And I am more and more certain that there is no force more merciless in the world.