Friday, January 15, 2010

Year Review - 2009

Yeah baby, you know what time it is!

Best Album Of The Year: I must say, it was a subdued year for music. Oh, there were some lovely debuts, particular favourites include The Drums and Hockey. Muse came back with a real gem. The New Moon soundtrack took it's time but ultimately won me over hugely. Us Reuben fans wept salty tears over the release of 'We Should Have Gone To University'. The mercury music award turned me on to the delights of Sweet Billy Pilgrim. Special mentions go to Prodigy, Mew, Kasabian, All-American Rejects and Brendan Benson for keeping us going through a barren year.

A close second was Yeah Yeah Yeah's third album, 'It's Blitz', which is topping many a Best of 2009 list, much to my delight. Can Karen O do any wrong? Not right now my friends.

But, predictably, the accolade must go to 'Poetry of the Deed' by my much adored Frank Turner. It may seem like the obvious choice, but the album is so packed with genius that it simply deserves it.

Best Gig of 2009: Well, I officially achieved my New Year's resolution! 10 gigs in one year, thereby smashing my previous record of 7. So an abundance to pick from. But, to make things a little fairer, I'm not going to count the 2 Frank Turner gigs, because obviously they'd win hands down.

So that said, it has to be the Aqualung gig in June. Matt doesn't tour a lot and I'd never seen him before, so it was a rare treat and I loved every second. Even his hand-picked support acts were fantastic. What a night!

Best Film of 2009: Already I'm struggling to think of great films off the top of my head. Well, The Proposal immediately springs to mind. And Dorian Gray was pretty good too. Let The Right One In was amazing, but not necessarily a film I'd want to see again. I freaking loved Push. And I've watched The Young Victoria about 20 times since I got it on DVD.

You're all expecting me to say New Moon. Just admit it. Well, I do love New Moon. Not for nothin' have I seen it 7 times. And the improvement in acting and effects upon Twilight is staggering. Plus the soundtrack... it's enough to make a music nazi drool.

But, I just can't. Because I loved another film far more. A film I've watched so many times I know the lines by heart. A film with an equally accomplished soundtrack. A film which also finds it's roots in successful YA fiction.
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

Greatest Musical Discovery of 2009: It's never too late to catch on with a band. Bishop Allen may have been around a while, but (through the genius that is Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist) I only discovered them early 2009. And since then I've seen them live whilst both Toni and Skinny have fallen in love with them too.

And really, how could you not?

Internet Awesomeness in 2009: I still hate Facebook. It's evil. I know more than one person who has got in trouble at work because of the stupid thing. But my addiction to Farmville is widely acknowledged. Dude, I love Harvest Moon, I was always gonna love this.

Most Damn Awesome Song of 2009: No question, 'I've Got Friends' by Manchester Orchestra.

Best Book of 2009: This will come as no surprise. I've not been reading as much as usual this year (now I'm commuting permanently, I'm back on my reading game!). Still, I think I could have read a hundred books and not one would be as wonderful as 'Along For The Ride' by Sarah Dessen. Every writer must have something to aspire to. I only wish I could have a tenth of her talent.

Obsession of 2009: This may come as some surprise. But it's the first thing that springs to mind which means it must be an obsession. I've been watching a lot of TV this year what with Gossip Girl, True Blood, Roswell and Vampire Diaries. But when, on a whim, I downloaded the first episode of the serialisation of 10 Things I Hate About You I was hooked in an instant.

It's not just how well the serialisation has been written. Or how good the young actors are. Or that Gregory Peck's grandson plays Patrick Verona. Though all these things help. But the chemistry between Kat and Patrick... it's electric! I've never seen an on-screen couple with such intensity! The next ten episodes come back on ABC in March. I am, quite literally, counting the days!

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augusta_avenue said...

hold the press, are they wearing Filthy Souls t-shirts? as in that band you just recommended to me? it all makes sense suddenly!

your year review never fails to make me smile. have a good night with the treadmill dudes tomorrow.