Monday, January 18, 2010

Let It Go This Too Shall Pass

The girls have already been dishing the dirt about what was last night. So I may let my awesome photos do the talking.

Needless to say, sometimes you don't know just how badly you needed something until it lands right in your lap. I needed some fun. Some giggles. Some reckless idiocy. Some time with my girls. Some Damian Kulash (oh and did I ever get some!).

Last night has officially made it into my top 5 gigs of all time (no easy achievement when you've been to as many as me). On the way home Toni's Mum was reminiscing about Toni and I back when we were 14 and already going to see bands. Maybe part of me has never grown up. I still pick out my outfits for gigs, charge my camera the night before, save my money, insist on buying merch... And I'd hate for that to change.

Over the past couple of years I've struggled with this. I thought my friends were changing; transforming before my eyes. But I'd just never understood who they really were. Maybe they don't feel music thrumming in their veins. That's just me. But it's okay, cause it's not gonna change, whether I'm at the front of the crowd on my own or surrounded by the people I love best.

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