Sunday, December 19, 2010

Many of Horror

To all the kids out buying Matt Cardle's single, let me just warn you, that's money you can never get back.

White Days Like This

Time twists things, sullying them, injecting doubts into something that was so pure, so perfect.

Snow waterlogs my brain making me dull, bland and slow to melt.

Tomorrow, the snow will remain, but gone will be this lingering demon, ready to drain the smiles from my weekend.

(I'm curing this sudden bout of meh with a little Sifl and Olly. Never fails.)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

But If You Wanna Blow A Bubble I'll Bite My Gum In Two

How is it that even a bad film can be fun when you're with your friends?

I realise as I delve deeper and deeper into music, that I know nothing. All my hard rock heritage and indie kid street cred hardly amounts to a hill of beans. I thought I was little miss music because it was always me introducing my friends to new bands (Toni introduces me to old bands and, for that, I love her), always me going to gigs in grotty little venues where the toilet is right behind the stage. I wear the t-shirts with the band names none of my friends recognise. I have a playlist for every day of the year, every person I know, every emotion I feel.

Music is a labyrinth. You dive in and get lost. You'll never know every twist and turn, never learn where every path leads. You can carve your own way through, or just appreciate the trails blazed by others. Best of all, you'll never get out. And you'll never want to.

That was either one of the deepest things I've wrote, or one of the most cliched. Either way, it's what I've learned.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Will Not Grow Up

So it was Frank Turner (again) last night. It was actually the only time I've seen him on my own since the first time. All those years ago when I checked him out at Leeds Fest and was just so utterly impressed, not only by him, but by his fans who knew every word. Now I'm one of those fans.

I did take some photos, but it would be pointless posting them, right? They look almost exactly the same as my Preston pics. But something unique did happen last night and I was lucky enough to video it :)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Industry Lies

Banquet Records (support independent music stores!) send a cute hand-written note every time you order a CD from them.

How cute, right? It's those little extras that make independents worth supporting! I remember, when we holidayed in York, they used to have the best independent record store there and they had baskets of badges on the counter with a sign saying 'Take As Many As You Like'. You would never get something like that in a HMV.

Another favourite independent of mine is the epic Wall of Sound in Huddersfield.

Remember, it's worth paying that little bit extra; If HMV became the only place on the high street where we could buy music, they'd have sudden free reign over the prices. Plus, they'd dictate what music was sold to us! And HMV can have pretty terrible taste in music (no Bishop Allen!!!)

(That being said, I got the new Frank Turner EP cheaper from Banquet than they're selling it on amazon! WIN!)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Why Won't It Snow, Like They Said It Would

There's something to be said for the cosy aspect of winter. Buying new hats and scarves. Stomping snow off your Docs. Drinking warm vimto. Winter playlists.

Christmas Markets :)

Monday, December 06, 2010

I'm Not Yet Quite Thirty, But I Feel Like I'm Dying

My life has hit a full stop. I'm in the same job. I'm doing the same things, seeing the same people, watching the same films. I'm in a rut.

Don't get me wrong, I'm having fun. But at the end of the week, it feels like I've done nothing.

It's times like these when there are always glimmers on the periphery, pinpricks of hope just daring me to take a chance. Take a risk. What, really, have I got to lose?

It feels like it's time to pick up my pen again. Time to start writing. It's that old, familiar itch that nags at me making everything I do to distract myself seem boring and pointless. It won't leave me alone until I give into it.

I feel ripe for another change too. I just can't put my finger on what.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

You And I Could Have A Rock And Roll Romance

We had the best night ever at the Frank Turner gig. As always. And I actually met a girl who put my Frank Turner obsession to shame. It was nice to have someone there to make me feel normal.

The beauty of a Frank Turner gig is that there's no messing around. We walked in (after queueing out in the snow for 90 mins) got our place on the barrier (ahem, front and centre) and less than five minutes later, Dive Dive were on stage.

So Dive Dive is made up of Frank's band and Jamie Stuart. I'd seen them support Frank ages ago in Oxford. They lean more towards Reuben than Frank, but they were good and their new single 'Liar' is a tune.

I was more excited about seeing Ed Harcourt, who I'm a big fan of. I saw him back in the summer (on what had to be the hottest day of the year) and he was phenomenal. And, despite being obviously hungover, he didn't disappoint. The material he played was all from his latest album, Lustre, which isn't my favourite (he has a massive back catalogue), but it worked well and Skinny was in awe when he used his loop tech to create all the backing music for his final song, Heart of a Wolf.

And then Frank :)

The set was very similar to back in March, with some new tracks from the EP and, what I can only assume is, the new album. I Still Believe went down a treat. The whole set was just clever; he'd slip in a new song and then crank the atmosphere with a classic. There was a nice solo, accoustic break in the middle and, as always, Father's Day was a beautiful, emotional performance.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this photo is my only proof that I touched Frank Turner. He stood on the barrier, right in front of Skinny, which is rather out of character for him. Could it be that he got carried away in the moment? Regardless, I touched Frank Turner. And he was sweaty.

Can't wait for Liverpool next weekend :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Terrible Love

They say it's better to regret something you've done than something you've not.

They say you're on the rebound (whatever the fuck that means).

They say you'll never amount to a thing.

They're wrong.
I'm feeling much better! Back to my narcissistic (spelt that right, first time) self ;) And no more lemsips! Hooray!

So I've been trying my best with the five things daily list but I tend to fall down on the last one. That probably says something about me (inability to see things through? good intentions, bad follow up? all talk, no trousers?) but I see it as a triumph if I manage to get more than half my list completed.

Wow, what a studenty attitude. I guess you can take the girl outta uni but...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Can I Wake You Up? Is It Late Enough?

Does anyone know who this fellow is on the back of my cover of Harry Potter? Most people have a picture of Dumbledore on theirs. I can't think who he might be!

So Wednesday night I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. And Thursday morning I was struck down with one gnarly cold. Total gnarlesville. I was on the cash and wrap on Friday and I don't really remember any of it. Or how I got home. I'm still a bit meh, but staying in all yesterday (and drinking lemsips, which I abhore) has got me pretty much back on my feet. Which is good cause Friday is a big deal and I need to be fighting fit again!

So, everyone has been chipping in their opinions about the film. I'll throw my hat into the ring.

I was eleven when my Dad bought me the first book (you'll realise what a strange occurrence this is if you know my Dad). I consider my generation to be the ones who have really grown up with Harry Potter (and now we're all in our twenties!). Though I'm hardly an obsessive fan, I love the Harry Potter books and imagine I will read them to my own children (should I ever have some). So the films are something of a sticking point with me.

Mainly because they're bad. Really bad. The first and second were okay but the kids' acting was (and still is if you watch them now) cringeworthy. The third was good (despite huge chunks of plot missing from it). The fourth was abysmal. The fifth picked up again. And then the sixth was the worst yet.

I went to the cinema feeling a little hesitant (unlike Kirsty who was full of Horcrux chatter). But it was actually pretty good. The acting was decent. the new additions were well picked (Bill Nighy! It ain't an English film without him!) and there were no gaping huge plot holes. I was suitably impressed.

And did I cry when Hedwig died? I'm only human you know.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On Your Request I Compiled A List

I am a list maker. There really is something so satisfying about crossing something off the list. I adore watching my amazon wishlist dwindle and I really can't explain why it gives me so much pleasure.

So, I got the idea from one of my fave vloggers to write down 5 things I want to achieve the next day before I go to bed. Because I'm one of those people who has good intentions, but not a lot of willpower. So let's go for it!

5 Things I Want To Achieve on the 24th November:

1. Get up and wii fit
2. Finish 'The Body Finder'
3. Cash my tax rebate cheque
4. Finish my latest diary entry
5. Go see the latest Harry Potter

I may let you know if I complete my list. Like you care.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Waiting and fading and floating away

Three films that I simply cannot wait to see:

127 hours

Just watching the trailer for this film is enough to make me well up. Based on the true story of Aron Ralston, a hiker who got trapped when a falling boulder left him pinned to a canyon wall. I suppose it just shows that sometimes the best stories are things that happen every day. It's out in the UK January 7th.


Rapunzel was one of my favourite stories as a child. The idea of a girl with hair so long it could reach the bottom of the tower; just seemed magical. And, believe it or not, I really like Mandy Moore. I think she's one of the few singer/actresses who are actually good at both. I'll have to wait till January 28th for this guilty pleasure.

Sucker Punch

I didn't like Watchmen. I hated 300. But this film has me genuinely excited (and not just because they use Led Zeppelin and Silversun Pickups in the trailer). The story of Babydoll, a young girl with a horrific past, who must enter the world of her imagination in order to escape the mental institute she's trapped within. Imaginative, visually stunning and highly engaging. This one's out in the UK March 25th.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

There's A Hope Hung High Where There's Nothing Else But Lies

I LOVE The Goldheart Assembly. I love WAS too, but Goldheart really blew me away last night. I'm definitely gonna have to see them on their own.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All These Ruptures In Ettiquette, All This Confident Decadence

I didn't expect to feel like this.

I expected tears. A lot of depressing music (although I have had a weird craving for JJ72 lately). Chocolate. More tears.

I thought seeing you would make my stomach eject it's contents.

There are no tears, not since the actual day. But I'm a real bitch right now, so I'm trying to avoid people I don't want to upset (and God am I failing miserably). And I saw you today and managed to ignore you. Kind of. Well, I didn't throw up anyway. And no chocolate has passed my lips (but I do keep eating oatmeal and raisin cookies, so maybe they count?)

I feel like I'm mourning the loss of how my life could have been. But, had I chose differently, perhaps one day, in the future, I would mourn the loss of the life that is now before me. If that makes any sense. I don't miss you (yet), but I miss the sense of belonging. For someone who has strived her whole life not to belong, it was nice to belong to you. And I realise I've just set feminism back by however many years, but whatever.

And as for the music... well, I'm not sure what I'll do if WAS play 'Pittsburgh' on Saturday. Maybe the tears will come then?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Her Prince Finally Came To Save Her, And The Rest She Can't Figure Out

Paramore on Wednesday was probably the most fun I've had in months. Strange, because I was pretty resentful of having to go since it meant missing the opportunity to watch Liverpool (and stare at Lucas Leiva).

And then last night was Mark's 21st where, I am ashamed to admit, I got drunk off three bottles of cider.

Such a pretty pic of the girlies! We scrub up well.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Under the covers, I make a tent

I have a whole weekend off with zero obligations. Here was my perfect Saturday:

12:07 - Get up.
12:08 - Make a brew
12:09 - Watch The Cut on BBC.
12:50 - Blast Frank Turner and dance around on the landing, singing at the top of my voice. Luckily, I'm home alone and the neighbors are out for the day.
13:20 - I'm up and dressed so I head out to Tesco. I get to use my clubcard. This excites me.
14:00 - Make lunch and play Fire Emblem.
15:00 - Bake Brownies
16:30 - Brownies have cooled. I taste them. They are the greatest brownies ever created.
17:00 - Internet spending. I still want Pretty Reckless tickets.
19:15 - Harry Hill making Pops and I giggle.
19:45 - X Factor. Aiden is awesome and the rest suck.
21:30 - I have a craving for Disney. Start watching Peter Pan.
22:00 - Someone mentions me on Twitter. Someone really cool :)
22:20 - MOTD. Whilst watching this I discover hilarious Masterchef spoofs on youtube.
23:30 - Brother and I collaborate to mock Pops.

I'm one of those people who needs time alone. I crave it if I'm with people for too long. It doesn't really matter what I do with that time, I just require the solitude.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Won't You Come Back Home?

I would like to state, for the record, that I do not support Wigan Athletic. I just work for them.

I was all ready to post some big moan about some guy (who's an idiot) in typical cryptic blogger style. But after being locked out of blogger for three days (why d'you do that to me huh?) I find myself just happy to be back.

And it's not just that. I learned that happiness is sort of pre-disposed today. Some people are naturally happier than others. The past year I've been happiest I've been since I was a kid. Yep, there've been some ups and downs, but I'm ready to get back to being happy again.

Some things I smiled about this week:

- I saw my friend George outside Hindley train station (last place I expected to see him)
- I'm making friends on twitter. Nice friends.
- My boss (who hates me) told me he didn't want to lose me.
- The new Kings of Leon album
- My pretty new Steampunk coat arrived. It is GORGEOUS.
- I made fun of my boss (the one that likes me) and made him and my co-workers laugh
- This video


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All These Whispers And Promises, All The Hints And The Solid Plans

I don't know why I like taking pictures of myself and sticking them in my blog. I swear I'm not that narcissistic.

Two funerals in two weeks. All I can think about is death and all my thoughts relating to it really do me no good. We were all there today. And that's all we could do - be there and love one another. There's nothing to be said, nothing to be done.

Just be there.

That's what the last two weeks have taught me.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

You Wanted The World, You Wanted It All

Twilight Chocolate! All the way from London. Please forgive my dismal appearance, I'm still recovering from a long week.

Friday, October 15, 2010

We Never Had A Heart To Heart, But You Still Call Me Up After Dark

This pretty much sums up last night. A night, of which I had low expectations, turned out pretty sweet. For the most part. Things got a little rough when we thought Vic was gonna get taken to hospital. But then she barfed all over the pavement (and poor Dan and Louise) and all was well!!!

Pah, it's been such a shit week. It was good to put aside all the sadness for just a few hours and have some mindless fun. And there were cookies. The cookies have softened me up. Oxford, you're alright.
As for my anger experiment, it's gone pretty good. But I've discovered that I'd rather be really pissed off than just sad. Sadness makes you empty, lethargic and just plain boring. The whole world turns the colour of porridge. I'd rather paint the town red and reap the consequences.

That being said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIC!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Stop that, quit! - All that, quit! Who ruined it? You did!

No anger today. Just a funeral. And, oddly, a lot of Deftones.

Funeral gave me a lot of 'what if's to dwell on (none of which are remotely productive, so I won't share them). Now I just feel really tired, like all the get up and go has been drained from me.

S'been a weird day. But I'm two days down, anger free.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Your Best Bet Is To Stay Away Motherfucker, It's Just ONE OF THOSE DAYS

I'm an angry person.

I have 'Break Stuff' days. Generally at least one a week. And that's a pretty good week for me. I like being angry. It's who I am. There's something so satisfying about getting seriously pissed off. Like finally scratching an itch you've been struggling to reach.

Does it shock you that I'm listening to Limp Bizkit as I type this? Almost like passive anger! I need one last hit before I say what I'm about to! I'm sucking in the swear words like licking cocaine off the paws of a cat.

So I had this idea that I would try to go a whole week without getting angry.

*Pause for laughter*

I'm being told all the time that anger is not constructive. Consider me an anger junkie trying to go cold turkey to see if I can do it. And maybe even to see if life is better/easier without anger (yeah, right).

Lets face it, I'm probably going to fail. Just to give you an idea of how little it takes to make me angry, I got pissed off a few hours ago because no one wanted apple pie and custard. For real. In reality someone I kind of like is probably gonna get booted off X Factor tomorrow night and I'll just see fucking red and it'll be all over with.

But maybe I won't.

Just gonna take one more passive anger hit and then... THE EXPERIMENT BEGINS!!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

I'd Prefer To Be Remembered As A Smiling Face, Not This Fucking Wreck Thats Taken It's Place

I feel like such a fraud.

I have all these grown-up responsibilities. I pay taxes. I'm in a union. I book hotel rooms. I pay rent.

But inside, I still feel exactly the same as I did when I was fifteen. I love Twilight. I waste hours on video games. I get nervous when I ask for an alcoholic beverage (I know, right?). I stay up too late.

Every step I take, I feel as though I'm lying to everyone. Like a little girl dressed up in my big sister's clothes. And I guess that's the problem, I'm doing all the things I'm supposed to. I'm putting on a good show. I just don't believe it myself.

Am I the only person that feels this way?

Sunday, October 03, 2010

You Spent The Evenin Unpacking Books From Boxes

Don't hate me.

I'm debating what I want for Christmas. I've got a lot of gift giving events to think about right now. Which I love. I'm a big lover of spending money and searching for the perfect present. Although lately it's ocurred to me that giving of your time is a much bigger sacrifice than giving of your money. Time isn't something I can spare right now.

Back to the point. My parents give me a Christmas budget each year for a present. My Grandmother will generally add to this. So I have a price range. And I've been toying with the idea of getting a kindle.

Digital books are a much slower revolution than digital music and a lot of purists find the idea of electronic books abhorrent. I'm on the fence. But a kindle would make perfect sense for my commutes. I'm practically eating books right now and carrying them around/waiting for them to arrive/storing them once they've been read is becoming something of a headache.

I don't consider electronic books to be a moral debate. Publishing houses are still getting the same return without the cost of printing. And I don't wanna be one of those people who refuses to let go of the past.

But books aren't like CDs, or even vinyl. There's a certain romanticism to being sat in a park/on a train/curled up in bed with a good book.

Ohhhhhhhhh, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Darlin' Don't You Go And Cut Your Hair

"Really rocking the mermaid look these days eh babe?"

I didn't realise my hair had gotten that long until it was pointed out to me. Truth is, I can't afford to get my hair cut until I get paid in a couple of weeks. And I hate getting my hair cut. Plus I've decided I have to go somewhere new and expensive this time which just adds a whole other level of procrastination to the process.

Ah shit. NO BIG HAIR.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Used To Complain, Now I Don't

Holy crap, mere words cannot express my love for White Rabbits.

The gig was probably on the most inconvenient night that ever existed and I had to overcome overtime, squabbling boys, lack of sleep and torrential rain just to get there. But it was worth it all.

White Rabbits are pure energy onstage. The double percussion makes for something special and unique, visually as well as audially. I love indie bands with piano, but these guys are so ridiculously talented that at various stages of the show they all just swap instruments. And they have two great vocalists!

Plus they always play my favourite song (Midnight and I) which always wins me over.I loved it. It was exactly what I needed. Still, it won't be long until I get that gig itch again.

By the way, these beautiful photos were (of course) not taken by me, but by this very nice photographer who just happened to be stood in front of me.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm Miss Nothing, I'm Miss Everything

I really miss it. Even though it was three weeks ago now. As the summer dwindles away (and it wasn't really much of a summer) all I have to do is listen to Band of Skulls or The Drums and close my eyes and it feels like I'm still there. Le sigh.

This year was the year of the brownie for myself. The very nice people at this stall were selling homemade cakes and hot beverages and I kept going back for a nice brew and a brownie to consume whilst watching a band. Really, I think that's what my heaven would be like: nice cuppa tea and great live bands.

Highlights of the weekend:

- Frank Turner (he played new material!!!)
- The Drums (waited most of Saturday to see them and Jonny did not disappoint with his mad dancing skillz)
- Hadouken! (always a crowd pleaser)
- Arcade Fire (they absolutely blew me away. The crowd was small, ridiculously so, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Spent the entire set dancing and stomping my wellingtons)
- The Goldheart Assembly (first thing Saturday morning, a very nice, tidy set. And they're supporting WAS in November!)
- Adam Green (the only highlight of Sunday; he was his usual boisterous self, blowing many kisses)
- 3OH3! (can't quite explain this one, but credit where credit is due, they were great)
- WEEZER (one of only two bands we saw on the main stage. Loved every second - just as epic as I'd imagined)

It was a good year. Hardly any rain; plenty sunshine, but very cold. Saw 28 bands in three days (full sets) and that's a job well done in my book and was at the front for Frank (mission accomplished). Oh Leeds, how I love thee.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Won't You Lower Your Sword And Your Shield?

Here's the cliff notes version of my life as of RIGHT NOW:

- Just watched Clerks with Toni and Kyle. They have cool cats.
- Mmmm, pizza.
- Boys in CEX are cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
- Getting over festival flu. Slowly.
- Double shift at work tomorrow. Boo.
- My phone is in love with Skinny's phone.
- Met some porn stars at work today. Twin pornstars. Nice girls.
- I'm not joking.
- Band of Skulls are my iPod's flavour of the month right now.
- Scott Pilgrim changed my life.

-Frank Turner made my Leeds Fest (I'll give more detail on this when I'm not so epically busy)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm A Loser Baby

Does anyone remember this? I know there's only one person that cares, but yes, I was beaten by Cal 7-8. It was his bonus pick that screwed me over. Dammit, I'll win next year.

Please wish me dry weather for Leeds.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sleep Now In The Fire

I've been rather quiet lately, hm? I guess I think it's better to not write anything than to post something petty, so I've been abstaining.

Today we had to evacuate Primark. The fire alarm went off at 11:30 and we all just looked at each other, waiting for it to stop. Thirty seconds later everyone started to move towards the doors. My friends were gleeful, but I was in a city blurred daze. A cloud of black clad Primark folk converged in Piccadilly Gardens, like some bizarre funeral procession.

It was weird. But fun, very fun.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Beast Within The Burden Is All Mine

I'm not having a particularly good weekend. I guess it's true - you can't escape Friday the 13th. If it's alright with everyone, can I just go back to bed and sleep until Monday?

But no, Monday isn't safe either. How about until Leeds Fest? Perhaps I'll go to Leeds Fest and then never come home.

My apologies for being ornery.