Sunday, November 29, 2009

End Credits

I've had an idea for December blogging! I'm excited about it since lately I've had very little to tell you.

Well, not nothing.

The midnight showing of New Moon was incredible. 3 screens sold out! Like I've said before, it was really cool listening to everyone react at the same moments. The film itself was great too, but, as New Moon is my least favourite of the four books, I was never going to love it more than Twilight. Kristen Stewart's acting improved by leaps and bounds, however, to which I can only say thank God.

Primark gets less and less fun as Christmas draws closer (just over 3 weeks to go, yippee!). Manchester itself has been invaded! The contrast between strolling through the arndale at 8am on my way to work and then battling my way through at 12 to get to the station... it's very disorientating.

I must admit that I am struggling with a certain Christmas present. I hope this is due to a lack of looking and not a lack of inspiration. I get a (hopefully) large paycheck on Friday so I can then start my Christmas shopping. Woot!

All this talk of 2010 by the music snobs has got me practically salivating over the new year! A confirmed third Mystery Jets album? Fyfe Dangerfields' solo effort in January? Maybe even a new Autolux or Archie Bronson Outfit new album?

Anyone else fancy fast-forwarding to January?

Lately though I simply can't get enough of this tune. Click it, I guarantee you'll be surprised.

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