Monday, November 09, 2009

Basic, Stretch, Long-Sleeve, Roll Neck - um, miss, can you tell me where the tights are?

I still don't know where the tights are.

I get asked about five times a day and each time I point very vaguely and feel guilty for the next twenty seconds. However, I do know the answers to many more futile questions!

Menswear? In the basement.
Knitwear? Just behind us.
Long-sleeve stretchy? The table at the bottom.
Customer services? Just upstairs.

It's the slightly stranger questions that keep my day interesting though. I get asked my opinion of garments quite often. Which is sweet but, well, weird since I'm considered fashion impaired and therefore never get asked my opinion.

So if you're in the city, drop by and see me (I work at the busiest entrance, can you guess which one that is?) but please, don't ask my manager where I am :)

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flowery mug said...

I'm sure I was on your street delivering a prescription today.. Or close by it.