Sunday, October 04, 2009

Vampire Diaries

Al was like "omigosh, you have got to watch Vampire Diaries!".

So I downloaded the first ep. Man, it was so cliched and not even kinda sexy. At least with Twilight and Buffy and even Roswell, there's chemistry and it's hot. This was just so sterile and formulaic.

So I was thinking, huh, I bet I could write something like this. There's a formula to these kind of shows/books and it goes a little something like this:

- Has often either: lost a parent/sibling, moved to a new town or both.
- Is pretty. But kind of misunderstood.
- Keeps a diary.
- Has friends but they are either: really vapid to make her look deep, in some way supernaturally helpful or there purely for comic relief.

- Is hot.
- Has a stupid/ridiculously outdated name (Edward being the exception here)
- Dresses old-fashioned/nondescript
- Has long hair. Never ever do hot vamps have a buzz cut.
- Funky coloured eyes. This is important. Whether golden, piercing blue or ruby red.
- Broods. A lot. Starts a lot of sentences he's not good at finishing.

The town is generally hick, but it does have some sort of dramatic scenery (e.g. forests, cliffs or a beach).

Am I right on the money? I'll let you know how it goes.

(By the way, Vic's got me totally addicted to Farmville. But as I am forced to use facebook (ahem, Toni's facebook) to play on it, I am getting more and more freaked out. Gah! What useless shite people post on there! God, I don't care if you're going out/can't sleep/having a brew! What made you want to tell me about it? I couldn't give a shit!)

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Alee Pally said...

Didn't you like it? I thought Damon was real hot. But she is v.whiney.

write it, pease!