Tuesday, October 06, 2009


My life is slowing to a stop. I knew this would happen. Vic, Dan, Al and Skinny are all back at Uni. Mikey's classes have started. Toni, Kirst and Urky are working (plus Urky is busy with her new boyfriend :P ). And Mark's at college.

I am bored.

This is what I get for workin' my ass off whilst they were all free. Yep, now work has dried up and I have nada to do. Except look for more work. Which makes me feel a little queasy.

I got my blood donor card today. Yay for me I'm A+!

So there's this guy at work, Alex. I cannot stand this guy. He annoys me by just breathing. And it's not just me (though I hate him the most). But today it got me thinking; are some people just particularly annoying or are we all annoying to certain kinds of people? What worries me is the fact that Alex is completely unaware of how annoying I, and some of the others, find him. What if he's never aware of it?

Could I, then, be an Alex and blissfully unaware of the fact that I'm really irritating?

If I am, can someone please tell me.


VAI2008 said...

I'm O+...Together we are the most common blood groups in the UK.

flowery mug said...

"Busy with her new boyf".. Haha. Nice ;)

I'm a "B RH +" (I would attempt to spell "Recious"?!)
But yea :)