Wednesday, October 07, 2009



16th March @ The Picture House, Edinburgh
17th March @ Academy 1, Manchester
18th March @ Academy 1, Leeds
19th March @ Academy 1, Bristol
21st March @ Academy 1, Birmingham
22nd March @ The Waterfront, Norwich
23rd March @ The Pyramids, Portsmouth
24th March @ The Roundhouse, London

OHMYGOSH! ACADEMY 1 BABY! Frank is moving UP in the world! To think, I saw him in that tiny pub in Oxford not a year ago!

I'm going for tickets on Friday, if you wanna come, let me know!

edit: Even better, it's only 3 days before our Dan turns 20!

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cath_skinny said...

The thing I'd bought that I was texting you about: Tickets for me and Jess to go to see Frank Turner in Nottingham on the 18th! I knew you'd be proud of me.
And I would like tickets for this please! Love you lots xxx