Sunday, October 11, 2009

Glutton For Punishment

Life has become a little vampire-centric of late. First there's the story (which is going slowly, sorry Al'), then my TV viewing (Vampire Diaries and True Blood - and can I just say now that I love love love Jessica! She's my absolute favourite character! And her and Hoyt... too perfect!) and soon Twilight fever will flare up all over again.

My silent prayers have been answered and life is getting busy again :) lots of work and sweet friends clamouring for my company as well as the promise of Frank Turner on Friday... um, squee!

I wonder if people get defensive because they're being attacked or because they feel guilty. Lately it feels like my parents are judging every move I make, but when I confronted my Mother about it she seemed genuinely surprised. So maybe I just feel guilty.

Or it's a little bit of both?

It's tough being a grown-up. I'm learning that quickly. I go see Mike and it's strange how my heart fills with envy and longing when I see all the students. I walk amongst them but I can feel the difference between us now, even if no one knows I'm not a student.

Yeah, it's hard growing up. God, I should cut my folks some slack.

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flowery mug said...

I love Jessica too.. And Hoyt.