Saturday, October 17, 2009


I'm grinning so hard still! It was so so so so so good! Not that I expected any less.

The whole day was awesome. A big thanks to Toni and Dan (mostly Dan) for just putting up with my general weird/nazi/obsessive-ness. You guys rock!

But not as much as Mr. Turner and his terrific band who put on a truly legendary show to a legendary Manchester crowd. Oh yes, I was hanging on the barrier (yep, those pics aren't zoomed, I was that close), screaming along almost every word. I will most certainly be unable to speak tomorrow. Who cares? Speak is for the weak, lolz.

On my count Frank played a whopping TWENTY songs. I won't post the setlist (wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for Skinny and Jess) but it was good. Maybe not as good as it would've been if he'd played 'Our Lady Of The Campfire', but he did Father's Day which has become a real favourite of mine :)

Yes, Toni met Frank. Yes, I am very much green with envy. But I've had my chances. Maybe I am destined to always be at the front of his shows but never meet him. I can live with that.

See you in March my old friend. I'll miss you till then.

In other news, today I added to my little family of metal. Meet Esmeralda! Right now she's a real bitch, but really I love her lots. She didn't hurt too much, but whenever I grin I get a shooting pain in my ear. Ouchie!

Esme(ralda) is named after a beloved piercing now gone. Gone, but now never forgotten.

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augusta_avenue said...

So it was good then? Lol

I'm tempted to check him out at the Roundhouse in March.