Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Did October...

...just sneak up on anyone else?

I think the transition from September to October is just so weird. One minute you're maybe thinking about putting on a jacket, the next the fire is on, it's dark by six and the sun has gone AWOL.

It hit me today when we were out and my hands were freezing.
"Maybe I should buy myself some new gloves?"

NEW GLOVES?! Not two weeks ago me and my workmates were sunbathing on our break! Now I want gloves? It really makes me so sad. And yet there is something romantic about autumn too. Not the hot, fiery, impulsive romance of summer, but rather the quaint, cliched, walking through burnt orange trees and sipping hot cocoa kind of romance.

On the other hand, I went internet-window shopping for a new winter coat yesterday and YIKES! Geesh, they are all so expensive this year! Last year I paid £50, but this year I'm looking at at least £70 for a new coat from Topshop! I may just have to freeze :(


cath_skinny said...

I bet Keele's colder. And my coat is back at my parents' house. Sad times. Did you not want to play along the other night and guess what I bought? hmm. Never mind. You'd have been really chuffed and excited about it too. Send me a bill for tickets when you get a chance, hun. Miss you xxx

silverpistola said...

Well that means you'll have to come back to Wigan to get it and then visit me in the process :)

I honestly did not think that text was for me. I'm very sorry. What d'you buy?????? Do an entire blog post about it!

Miss you too xXx